Come support the cheer and dance team in a competition setting that will have the MBU squad facing off against the team from Maryville University in warm-ups for their respective upcoming national competitions.



Join the MBU spirit program at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 16, in the SRC for the first-ever spirit Blue Out night.

“It is a great chance to see each program perform what would normally only be seen at an away competition,” Coach Jessica Johnson said, adding the first 50 students with student IDs will receive a free MBU cheer or dance T-shirt.

Maryville University will be joining the spirit program in order to offer a small friendly competition-like feel.

The Spartan cheer team will be taking this routine to compete Feb. 20 in the NAIA cheer and qualifier.

This will also be practice for the Maryville cheer team who will be competing this routine at NCA College Nationals in April.

With this being the first Blue Out night for the spirit program, many members are looking forward to the experience.

“I’m excited to see who will all come out and join us,” said Molly Eye, a senior marketing major. “We are still a growing sport to this school but as the years go on I feel like we have gained some more support from our Spartan family.”

The Spirit program is looking forward to packing the SRC with students wanting to see what the program is all about.

“We are working on adding additional activities such as food and games afterwards to market this as more of an MBU student event instead of just a watch and leave thing,” said Johnson. “We would like to continue this tradition of a Spirit Night Showcase for the future, building on the event each year.”

At this time, with this being a new event, the details are still being worked out.

“I have competition experience under my belt but I had to learn to adapt to the new college level rules and regulations as well as learn how to work as a cohesive unit with my squad to achieve our goals as Missouri Baptist University cheerleaders,” said Caley Hennemann, a freshman psychology major.

Cheer and dance have both been practicing since August. Both cheer and dance can be found at any home football and basketball games preparing for the competition season.

“Both teams (cheer and dance) have really done a great job with maximizing their talents and creating a clean and fun routine,” Johnson said. “It has had its ups and downs, but everyone has stuck together to create a routine that is clearly unified.”

By Hannah Ballard

Hannah Ballard is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. Ballard is a junior communications studies major. She is a member of the cheerleading team. Ballard loves to travel internationally and cook. So far her favorite country to eat and visit is France. After graduation, Ballard plans to go to law school.