• “The Imitation Game” is less of a tragedy than a celebration of Alan Turing’s work life. An individual who has shown us heroically that “sometimes it is the people whom no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.”
  • “The Peanut Butter Falcon” is a Mark Twain-style adventure story of a boy with Down syndrome chasing his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler, and taking this unique journey with an unlikely friend.
  • BlacKkKlansman, Spike Lee’s absolute masterpiece of a movie, was incredibly timely when it was first released in 2018 and actually could be even more relevant now, two full years later.
  • Like the times, music is always changing, but classics have a way of surviving the tidal wave of new artists and their sound. The iconic Frank Ocean pioneers a whole new way in delivering an album to his loyal fans and all music lovers.
  • The Disney+ release makes for an enjoyable movie night for a group of family or friends to sit down, relax and share a few laughs together without anyone having to think too hard.
  • How does a poor American kid from California become one of the most influential kingpins in England? Guy Ritchie takes us into the world of London’s crime life in a fascinating move, “The Gentlemen.”
  • The Lumineers released their third studio album, “III,” in September 2019, adding another release to their catalog of stripped back folk rock the band is known for. The record itself is an emotional journey through the story of a family and its generational battles with addiction and familial neglect.
  • During the worldwide peak of coronavirus in spring, the metropolitan streets were as empty as supermarket shelves, people feared leaving the house, and all restaurants and shops closed. With the promise of President Donald Trump to approve a vaccine soon and to steer society toward a normal life, one question must be raised: Will there be normal life as we knew it? One thing is clear, humans will survive the virus, but how will it affect our future and our perception of “normal”?
  • Whether you’re a fan of Travis Scott’s rap or not, “Astroworld” is 100% an album worth listening to. The extensive 17 track record appeals to many different hip-hop and rap tastes since one of your favorite musicians is likely among the 18 guest artists who make an appearance.
  • MBU Timeline Broadcast covers stories, events and announcements from across campus and around St. Louis.


  • How Right IS the Customer?

    There’s an idea in the business world that proclaims “the customer is always right.” This overused company framework has led to a toxic sense of entitlement among consumers, which in turn, has made working in customer service a dreaded job.
  • America Through Foreign Eyes

    Every year over a million students from around the world travel to the United States to pursue a college degree. Apart from a long flight and a different language, many are not aware of the many other challenges they face.
  • The Power of Whimsy

    The idea of growing older is often associated with stepping away from our childlike playfulness and curiosity. But when we reclaim our sense of whimsy we live a life with a greater connection to the people around us and even to ourselves.
  • Why I Got Married at 18 Years Old

    As May approaches each year, young people are graduating high school, planning summer trips as new high school graduates, transitioning into adulthood and preparing for college or even their first job outside of school. In my situation at 18 years old, I was preparing to be a wife.
  • The Cruciality of Owning Your Faith

    Spiritual crises, as difficult as they can be in the life of a young Christian, are necessary to truly understand and own their faith. Even though it was the most difficult period of my life, I would go through it again because I discovered what I truly believed and who I am.


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