• MBU’s Inaugural Day of Service on Tuesday, Oct. 16, will give students the opportunity to serve with MBU student Lindsey Peters and her charity, Sharing Smiles, to make stuffed bears to brighten the days of children in hospitals.
  • Combining passions for rap music and the Lord, Nate Feuerstein’s “Perception” reaches those who desire intentional lyrics and great sound.
  • Amazon has become a monopolized power house, taking down any and all competition in its path. The character of Jeff Bezos, multi-billionaire CEO of Amazon, has been questioned, but his charity work to support America’s most depleted areas has been astonishing.
  • Local band Bleach has come into the spotlight recently. The band is featured in multiple venues around St. Louis and Kansas City, opening for more seasoned bands as well as releasing their original music.
  • Being a young mother at the age of 16, barely old enough to drive, comes with a lot of stress and responsibilities. Learning how to cope with judgment from people close to you will either build your faith or break it.
  • Lecrae, one of the most popular Christian hip hop artists in the rap industry, faces tons of adversity but manages to break through them in order to have a successful life and be one of the best in the rap game.
  • Technological advances have changed the way people communicate and made the world a much smaller place, but the convenience of these advances may be making face-to-face communication a lost skill.
  • After your parents once convinced you that “Jaws” was the greatest movie about sharks, it’s now your turn to recommend “The Meg.” This humorous yet thrilling film depicts a group of scientists in China who are determined to figure out how the once-extinct megalodons are somehow appearing again.
  • A girl with big basketball dreams soon realizes that a change of plans can bring turmoil in the short term but a positive light in the end, when looked at with the grace of God.
  • MBU Timeline Broadcast covers stories, events and announcements from across campus and around St. Louis.


  • Training Tomorrow’s Nurses

    After years of careful planning, the Missouri Baptist University School of Nursing opened its doors in January, welcoming 21 future nurses to their new program.

  • Stranger than Fiction: A Modern Day Treasure Hunt

    Pirate treasure, Spanish riches, the Holy Grail and precious objects belonging to the Knights Templar are all rumored to have found their final resting place on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

  • Exercise Can be the Best Cure

    Have you ever heard the phrase, “Exercise is medicine” in referring to the benefits of staying in shape? Well, there is research to back up that statement, and there is also a club at Missouri Baptist University that was built on this basic understanding.

  • Her Mission to Make Him Famous

    “I feel like that’s specifically what God’s put on my heart, to write for the broken.” These are the thoughtful and poignant words of MBU student Maddi Sullivan, whose voice for Christ shines through after a young life of challenges and struggles.

  • Exceeding the Role

    Two-time captain of the Missouri Baptist University men’s lacrosse team has set the example both on and off the field for his teammates as he leads them toward a third straight NAIA National Invitational Tournament appearance in his senior season. The National Invitational is set for May 7.


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