About MBU Timeline

Mission Statement for MBU Timeline:

MBU Timeline is the student news network of Missouri Baptist University, a private Christian university that embraces the essential core value of “social change through service and leadership.”

Bible Verse that Guides our Mission:

“Tell the true message in the right way.”

–2 Timothy 2:15 (Worldwide English version)

MBU Timeline Staff:

Jessica Kunkel, Managing Editor
Isabel Rinkenberger, Associate Editor
Madisyn House, Social Media Editor

Who We Are:

  • We serve as the primary media outlet for students of the university.

  • We are an extension of the Journalism Program and Communications Department at MBU.

  • We expose students from all majors to real-world opportunities in multi-media online journalism.

  • We acknowledge that MBU is a Christ-centered university that recognizes biblical truth as the foundation for all understanding.

What We Believe:

  • Jesus Christ was the ultimate seeker of truth while on Earth, and He remains the ultimate source of truth.

  • There are two essential ethical questions before proceeding with any stories: Who will this hurt? Who will this help?

  • We must follow Jesus’ example in treating people with respect, handling every interview and story in a fair and honest way.

  • We will always make every possible effort to get the story right.

  • We value accuracy over speed in every story.

  • We recognize that a journalist’s value is based on his/her credibility, and that is built on truth and accuracy in reporting.

  • We seek to cover stories that ultimately make society better.