We can take away inspiration from the stories of sacrifice and accomplishment that led many Olympians to the pinnacle of their sport, but we can’t forget where they came from.



As I’ve been watching the Olympics so far, I can’t help but have pride not only for my country but for the world.

The Olympics brings the world together for two weeks of beautiful healthy competition.

Each country brings its best athletes to compete with the best of other countries.

The United States has always been a melting pot of different cultures and countries of the world.

The Olympics does not only make you feel tied with your county but also it brings out individual pride.

We don’t label ourselves as just American, we find our identity in the ethnicity of our ancestors.

We call ourselves Irish, Peruvian, Italian and the list goes on and on.

Even though we consider ourselves American we know and remember what our ancestors did for us so we can have better lives and to be in a land where they knew their legacy would always be free.

The Olympics is wonderful time to reinstate the pride of our heritage.

It’s a time to root for and appreciate our home country.


RYAN RERICH, Sports Editor

The pride that goes into being an American athlete in any Olympics is enormous.

Standing on the medal stand with the medal glistening and hanging around your neck is one of the best feelings to attain.

Winning an Olympic competition means that not only are you the best in your country, but you are the best in the entire world in your sport.

Many people are driven to tears after realizing the accomplishment that has taken place and hearing the National Anthem of your country is as good as it gets for you and the many fans around the world.

The preparation and years of practice and training proves itself in the results.

Everyone is waiting to see what happens, and Americans around the country want to see our fellow patriots take the gold.

The wait is over. The 2014 Winter Olympics have begun.

Official Song of Team USA


ASHLIE HOCH, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

The winter Olympics is a mindblowing experience for me.

Having never really participated in any winter sports, it was hard for me to appreciate these incredible athletes.

However, this year I took my first snowboarding and ski lesson and it completely changed my perspective on these wild sports.

The skills involved with snow sports are almost hidden — the smallest movements can make or break a run.

I took special interest and pride in watching the women’s snowboarding event, partially because I wish that I could be an Olympic snowboarder.

Many of these women are in their early 20s. One snowboarder, gold medalist Jamie Anderson, is 23, just one year older than me. Watching these incredibly young women participate in such an elite sport is highly inspiring to me. Looking at my career, I could have only dreamed of achieving something that amazing by my current age.

Watching these young women definitely inspired me to want to do more in my life. I may not become an Olympic snowboarding champion, but I can at least try to become something great.

These athletes, men and women alike, show that massive achievements at incredibly young ages is truly possible. They aren’t just things in movies.

Maybe that’s why we love the Olympics so much, it shows us that greatness is possible.