Movies have always been, and continue to be, among our most entertaining pastimes. The suspension of disbelief is a welcome distraction in the busy world we live in, especially during this past year of the pandemic. We asked MBU students about some of their favorite childhood movies, and this is what they had to say.

Graphic by McKenzie Sheehy

What is Your Favorite Childhood Movie?

Jordan Garber
Forensic Psychology
Ellisville, Missouri

My favorite movie was “Lilo and Stitch.” I loved it because I thought Stitch was a cute little alien. I liked learning the hula dance from the movie. I thought it was interesting that her and her older sister were living by themselves. I also related to Lilo because she was on the more introverted side.

Carter Kennedy
Middle and Secondary Social Science Ed.
St. Louis

“Beauty and the Beast” was definitely my favorite childhood movie. I loved the music, I loved the story line, and I loved the ending. I literally knew every word. Then my senior year of high school, my school did “Beauty and the Beast” as the musical. I got to play in the pit orchestra, and it was a dream come true.

Allyssa Adamec
Elementary Education
South County, Missouri

 My favorite childhood movie was “The Goonies.” I love this movie because my dad showed it to me and because I love older movies. The characters were hilarious and the plot line was thrilling. “The Goonies” will always be one of my absolute favorite movies.

Tiyahna L. Askew
Criminal Justice
Lawrenceville, Georgia

My favorite childhood movie was always the “Little Rascals” just because it made me laugh every time. I also really liked it because it was kind of like a little love story for Alfalfa and Darla. I loved how the boys of the He-Man Woman Haters Club grew up at the end and let girls in and changed their sign.

Bryce Lingle
Christian Ministry
Anna, Illinois

Back home I grew up watching “Star Wars.” My favorite of which at the time had to be “Attack of the Clones.” I’m pretty sure I just enjoyed the climax of the film because I vividly remember just fast-forwarding towards the end most every time I turned it on.

Morgan DeWitt
Special Education
Wildwood, Missouri

My favorite childhood movie is “Elf”. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have watched it. This movie is so special to me because I watch it every year with friends and family around the Christmas season. I quote this movie year-round; it’s a classic that I will never get tired of watching.


By Kaitlin Thompson

Kaitlin Thompson is a staff writer for MBU Timeline. She is majoring in communications studies. Thompson is involved in multiple music ensembles on campus. In her free time she can be found singing in practice rooms or watching Netflix.