The Mud House: A New Staple for Any Brunch-Lover in St. Louis

There’s much more than meets the eye with the Mud House, a small coffee shop and brunch spot at 2101 Cherokee St. in downtown St. Louis, from the warm, welcoming atmosphere to the homemade brunch dishes sure to please any brunch-lover.

This American breakfast, literally called This American Breakfast on the menu at The Mud House, includes the classic morning staples of scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes, toast and jam, but each with a bit of an upscale approach.      Photos by Molly Munoz


There aren’t too many times I have not only been satisfied but wowed by the food and the coffee at a brunch restaurant.

Usually, it is either only the food or only the coffee at typical breakfast restaurants that keeps me wanting more, but The Mud House broke this cycle for me.

Lighting, decor, atmosphere, attitude of employees, aromas, temperature of the restaurant, music, menu and seating are all crucial factors, in my opinion, to shaping the best customer experience in restaurants. 

Upon walking up the couple of steps into the brick building at the corner of Cherokee Street and Illinois Avenue, the warmth of the sun bounces off the blonde wooden floor through the large windows and red French doors at the top of the steps.

From your average cup of Joe to matcha tea and exotic oat milk horchata lattes, The Mud House is sure to impress anyone walking through those big red doors thirsting for an exceptional beverage.

With all house-made syrups, my favorite combination is lavender and vanilla for a spring-like flair of a typical latte. 

The Mud House is also aware of those who prefer or need non-dairy options, which led them to offer soy, almond and oat milk.

The various eclectic styles of food stem from multiple nations such as England, Greece and Mexico.

The English breakfast includes sunny eggs, sauteed tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans. 

The Breslin is a Greek-inspired dish full of flavor from curried French lentils, Greek yogurt, cilantro, two sunny eggs and toasty bread.

Though some may call me simple, my all-time favorite choice is the American breakfast, which includes all of the American breakfast staples: scrambled eggs, perfectly crispy bacon that isn’t dried out, spiced roasted potatoes, toast and house-made raspberry jam. 

One of the best elements of the American breakfast is adding a side of The Mud House truffled French onion dip to cover the roasted potatoes, or even to dip if you’re a dipper.

To increase space during the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant has placed spaced tables both on the wide sidewalks on the right side of the building (weather permitting) as well as the previously established patio behind the restaurant with umbrellas and a cozy atmosphere. Of course, curb-side pick-up is encouraged as well.

The prices are right, the coffee is fresh, foamy and hot, and the brunch portions are enough to keep you full until dinner or maybe for the rest of the day. 

I consider myself a regular at The Mud House, and I have not been disappointed at any point in time, so I can confidently say you wouldn’t be either.

Though the weather is cold right now, take a break from your typical cereal or oatmeal breakfast routine and try a new place to spark a little more joy in your life during this pandemic.

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Molly Munoz

Molly Munoz

Molly Munoz is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline, majoring in communications studies. She is currently employed in the Records Office on campus. Munoz spends her free time in coffee shops with her husband, Sebastian, watching movies and traveling.


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