Several Missouri Baptist University students attended the show that has won numerous Tony Awards.


Several Missouri Baptist University students, and a few professors, attended opening night of the musical “Once” earlier this month at the Fabulous Fox Theater in downtown St. Louis.

MBU students were able to get tickets on the bottom floor for the show and see the actor-musicians up close.

“That was my first time going to the Fox, so it was really exciting to get dressed up and see how pretty the building was and everything.” said Elizabeth Harris, a freshman at MBU.

The musical “Once” is the live adaptation of the 2007 movie. The main story was originally written by Edna Walsh.

The show had its first run on Broadway in 2012 and is currently on its first U.S. tour. The show won eight Tony Awards in its first year on Broadway.

“It was a spectacular love story that was infallible and made you watch and just sing along if you only knew the words,” said MBU freshman Esther Gilliam.

The show is an original style of musical. There is no orchestra; all of the instruments are played live on stage by the cast. There is also only one set for the whole show.

“First of all, I had heard the music but never seen the movie, so all of my expectations were to be disappointed when I did not hear Glen Hansard and Market Irglova (from the movie),” said MBU junior Malorie Carr. “I was pleasantly shocked and surprised by how magnificent it was to hear the music live.”

Unlike many musicals, the plot of “Once” is not complicated.

“The storyline was simple, but intense, and I just cannot get past how awesome the music was,” said Carr.

All the students who attended thought the show was well done.

“The show was great,” said Harris. “The cast did a wonderful job and made the whole experience really enjoyable.”

Carr added, “ I am really glad that I went and would definitely go again if I could.”