Currently the No. 1 inspirational movie in America and catching on with a wider audience, the film offers a refreshingly honest portrayal of a college student battling the question, “Does God exist?” The answer reveals truth for all walks of life.


Compelling Storyline

God’s Not Dead faces the question of God’s existence from an intellectual perspective while also tackling life questions about life, death and purpose.

This film is not a documentary, but instead a relatable storyline allowing the truth of God’s Word to shine through across demographics.

The movie opens with college freshman and strong Christian, Josh Wheaton (played by Shane Harper), facing his philosophy professor, Jeffrey Radisson, an adamant atheist (played by Kevin Sorbo).

As Josh tries to find his niche in college, balancing  a lofty academic goal and a serious relationship, he is faced with a dilemma that could forever alter his college career.

Professor Radisson opens the first day of class demanding that students acknowledge God is dead by writing that phrase on a piece of paper.

Wheaton struggles with this assignment, ultimately refusing to make that statement.

Professor Radisson, severely irritated by the blatant resistance, challenges Wheaton to defend God’s existence in front of the class for the duration of the semester.

The purpose of the movie is not just to entertain the Christian demographic, but to enlighten.

“‘God’s Not Dead’ weaves together multiple stories of faith, doubt and disbelief, culminating in a dramatic call to action,” according to the film’s website. “The film will educate, entertain and inspire moviegoers to explore what they really believe about God, igniting important conversations and life-changing decisions.”

What unfolds throughout the rest of the movie sparks deep change not only in Wheaton and Professor Radisson but also in investigative reporter Amy, who is battling cancer (played by Trisha LaFonce), Chinese student Martin, who is considering Christianity (played by Paul Kwo), Arabic student Ayisha, who is shunned from her family for her faith in Christ (played by Hadeel Sittu), and Professor Radisson’s Christian girlfriend, Mina (played by Cory Oliver).

Strong and Versatile Cast

With guest appearances from “Duck Dynasty” members, theme song from the popular Christian rock band Newsboys, striking faith from an aspiring actor and genuine faith displayed by the film’s producer, “God’s Not Dead” debuts fantastic talent.

Shane Harper, who plays Josh Wheaton, has debuted on Disney channel in “Good Luck Charlie.”

This film allows him to explain his perspective on sharing God’s word with others.

“The goal is to not be afraid, not be afraid to talk about it. This movie is encouraging an intelligent conversation,” Wheaton said.

“I think that Christians need to be able to challenge themselves; they need to read books that are on a variety of topics, so they can have a very well-rounded understanding culturally, scientifically, socially, philosophically,” he said.

“My advice is to educate yourself, to read and study, God is sovereign over everything so we shouldn’t be afraid to be educated,” Wheaton said.

Both Willie and Korie Robertson, from the A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty,” make  guest appearances defending their bold beliefs expressed on television.

The title of the movie comes from one of the Newsboys’ leading songs, “God’s Not Dead,” which plays at the end of the movie and completes the film’s message.

In this talented cast David A.R. White, who is the founder, writer and director of Pure Flix entertainment, plays a kind reverend who provides Biblical guidance to Shane Harper.

Pure Flix is currently the No. 1 studio rooted in faith, both producing and distributing the largest number of films in the faith genre.

According to his personal website, “David also maintains his position as one of the most prolific actors/filmmakers in the faith-based arena, as he writes, directs, produces and stars in many of the films.”

White carries a bold passion to make films that uplift and inspire the human spirit.”

My Personal Opinion

Going into the theater with popcorn in hand, I was expecting a heartwarming film with poor acting and simple camera angles.

Leaving the theater I was changed, empowered and humbled by a crucial message I have so often been too intimidated to share.

“God’s Not Dead” brings a message to young Christians, seasoned Christians, people wondering about God, people angry at God and people indifferent about Him.

Whatever your background you will find truth in this film.

Whether you are searching for purpose or pursuing a relationship with Christ, this movie will challenge every audience with refreshing honesty.

Now the decision is up to you. Is God is dead?


Here is a list of theaters showing “God’s Not Dead.”

By Chelsea Gammon

Chelsea Gammon is a staff writer and editor for MBU Timeline. She is a senior double majoring in Journalism and Public Relations. Chelsea works part-time in the Special Events office on campus. In the spring she will be a public relations assistant for MBU’s University Communications Department. She previously enjoyed working with Timeline Broadcast. After graduation, Gammon plans to explore many opportunities and make a difference wherever she goes.