Is ignorance of the law an excuse for crime? Do uncontrollable circumstances serve as a crutch for mistakes and wrong decisions? Is being a Cubs fan in St. Louis my fault?

cubbiesGraphic by Matt Williams


I did not know any better.

When Sammy Sosa hit a long fly-ball over the left field wall I screamed.

When Aramis Ramirez carried the team into the playoffs I prayed to God.

When baseball legend Joe Maddon took the reins as coach I heard a whisper.

When a couple big-shot youngsters were brought up to play I began to feel it.

The buzz before a winning season.

The breeze off Lake Michigan, blowing in a new direction.

Each night I lay my head down as a Chicago Cubs baseball fan.

Each morning I get up and enjoy the city of their enemy.

I work.

I play.

I eat.

I nap.

I dream.

I do all of this in a completely different nation than that of the lovable-losers.

Does this make me a hypocrite?

Does it mean I have the wrong color of blood in my baseball-thumping veins?

This simply means my two worlds come together in in an awkward, yet perfect way.

When the Cubs come to St. Louis, I dust off my cap.

I slink away to stare at the screen that will be the platform for tomorrow’s lunch conversation.

The Cubs are the team of my childhood.

They also have a wild chance of winning the championship this year.

This would end a century-old drought.

The curse would be over.

I could walk the town proudly.

My blue shirt displayed boldly.

Yes, baseball heaven has a team.

A very good team at that.

A team with Championship titles.

A team with spirit.

A team that is arguably the best in the most recent decade.

But, the ivy-covered burial ground beckons my love.  

The Cubs demand my affection.

From late night to grandpa, to begging for a Championship win.

I will remain faithful to the Cubbies.

I will hear the jokes

Still, I will sing our infamous tune.

Go Cubs Go.

By Matt Williams

Matt Williams, Staff Writer of MBU Timeline, is a sophomore pursuing a major in communication studies as well as a minor in Journalism. Matt is the founder of the not for profit corporation Matt’s Hats. Matt is an avid health food junkie and Steve Jobs fanatic. He hopes to work with companies in their marketing and communications department. His real passion is found in building meaningful company brands, that help people in their everyday lives.