All right, can I get a raise of hands? Who absolutely loves sappy love stories?


So, as I was looking through RedBox movies on a lonely Friday night and I came across a movie called “Endless Love,” I was excited to have found a sappy love story that I hadn’t seen yet.

It was going to be perfect.

A sappy love story, raw cookie dough, and my pajamas … my night was looking pretty good.

As I started the movie, I was sorely disappointed by the quality of this love story.

Let me catch you up, (I wouldn’t suggest reading on if you plan to watch this movie, but I also wouldn’t suggest watching this movie).

The story begins with a high school graduation and a quick introduction.

“Bad boy” David (Alex Pettyfer), likes “shy girl” Jade (Gabriella Wilde), but hasn’t ever talked to her before.

Jade had been a loner throughout high school because her brother passed away her sophomore year and she spent the rest of her years at home, rather than making friends.

That should be a pretty good setup for a sappy love story, right?

Well, from there, the story moves at rapid speed and it gets weird.

The night after graduation, the bad boy talks to the girl, they hang out the next day and the girl throws a party that everyone from school shows up to, even though she didn’t speak to any of them in high school.

Makes sense, right? No.

At the party, her dad begins to not like David and really doesn’t like when he finds his daughter in a closet with him.

Of course, her dad doesn’t stop Jade from wanting to be with David and, naturally, she invites him over and loses her virginity to him.

Yep. That’s a good way to get back at her dad.

What a great way to teach young ladies to behave and to have respect for themselves.

Wooh! Now they’re in love!

Pretty sure that’s not how it works …

All right. Moving on.

So, Jade decides to give up her awesome internship to spend more time with David, obviously making her dad mad enough that he takes the family to the lake house so that she can’t be with him.

When they arrive at the lake, Jade invites David to come, making Jade’s dad more mad … David ends up arrested … punches Jade’s dad in the face … Jade and David fight … Jade gets in a car accident … and her dad files a restraining order against David.

All. In. Twenty. Minutes.

In the end, Jade and David decide their love is too strong and they can’t be apart.

So, moral of the story, this was the most ridiculous, dramatic, quick-moving movie EVER.

I know that most love-story movies are usually a little exaggerated, but holy cow, this one was so far off on how love really works.

Sex doesn’t mean you fall in love, you don’t date boys who punch your father, and “love” doesn’t happen in one short week of the summer.

It just doesn’t.

By Rebekah Rutledge

Rebekah Rutledge, Social Media Editor of MBU Timeline, is a senior seeking a major in journalism, as well as a minor in public relations. In the past two years, Rebekah has founded and lead MBU’s Circle K International, a global service organization. Rebekah loves all things social media, as well as photography, writing and editing. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in public relations and account management.