In the world of fashion, modesty is too often losing its importance, but maybe it’s time to shine some light on a different take on style, with looks that show you off without showing everything off, proving modesty and style can coexist quite effectively.

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Covered from head to toe we see lovely women of all ages can dress stylishly and currently while also maintaining their modesty, proving that fashion can be attained while morals are maintained.


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The world of fashion is constantly changing and the view of what modesty means to society is becoming less important.

Keeping up with trends is often viewed as the in all, be all in life without the idea of cute and private being in the forefront. 

Ladies always hear about that one elderly woman who says something along the lines of, “Fashion these days is so inappropriate. Back in my day …” and you know the rest.

Fashion does change, but to have fashionable attire does not have to mean giving up modesty.

As I scroll through Pinterest and through my Instagram, I see impressive pictures of what fashion looks like. 

In some pictures I see, I wonder how I could make that work in my closet but in other outfit ensembles, I think, “What would my daddy think if he saw me in that?”

These more revealing outfits are fashionable and they look good, but in many cases, showing more midriff or accentuating curves is not the best fashion call for every individual.

A woman’s body is a beautiful thing, and were created in the image of God.

Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

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I understand if a woman has the desire to strut her stuff and show some skin, but she may want to consider two things first:

1) In the professional world, how you dress is how you present your own brand.

First impressions are extremely influential and your dress can determine your image.

According to The Wall Street Journal, dressing in appropriate business attire can even change your way of thinking and create a productive atmosphere.

2) As a Christian, you want to think about your brothers in Christ and their purity.

By dressing modestly as a woman, it shows your brothers in Christ that you recognize purity is not easy for both genders in this world and that you respect them.

A man’s lust for a woman is not the woman’s fault; that sin is the man’s. What a woman can do, however, is recognize that men deal with this sin and try not to encourage her brother’s sin.

Ladies, you are so beautiful. Wearing the best outfit will not accomplish worth, it will not accomplish a man’s genuine affection.

God has created you to be unique, special and important. You have incredible worth in His eyes. You do not need to determine your worth by what you wear.

When you go to your closet in the morning to pick your outfit for the day, ask yourself this question: What am I trying to accomplish by what I wear?

By Gillian Burroughs

Gillian Burroughs is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. She is a public relations major. Burroughs is the Executive Vice President of Student Government and sings with Chamber Singers and Chorale. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in non-profit public relations. She has a passion for music ministry and missions.