MBU students share the most used, favorite and addicting apps on their phones.


Photo by: Rebekah Rutledge


According to the article “10 Most Popular Apps of 2015” on time.com, the most popular app was Facebook, with YouTube coming in a close second.

Although students on MBU’s campus are familiar with the apps that made the list, they have some favorites of their own.

Junior accounting major Austin Trower’s favorite app on his phone is one that didn’t make the top 10 on Time’s website, but, according to him, is popular among college students.

It’s a game called Clash of Clans.

COC was released in August 2012 but Trower downloaded the free strategy gaming app about two years ago.

Admitting he plays it on average three times a day he said, “It’s not a game, it’s a lifestyle.”

Like Trower, freshman Richie James also chose a gaming app as his personal favorite.

He has been playing Madden Mobile, a “3D NFL game with the players you know and love” since 2013.

“It has high quality graphics and it’s free,” said James. “It’s a trading card game also.”

Gaming apps aren’t the only kind students are into.

Lexi Eernesse, a junior public relations major, and Allie Schmerbauch, a junior biology major, both chose a form of social media other than the one at the top of the charts as their go-to app.

Eernesse downloaded the selfie exchanging app, Snapchat, her freshman year of college.

Both girls use the app to keep up with their friends who post photo or video stories.

It’s also how they communicate with friends and family daily.

“My phone says it uses 33 percent of my battery so I’d say I use it all throughout the day,” said Eernesse.

Schmerbauch added, “It’s quick, fun and entertaining. It’s also how I keep in touch with my sisters back home.”

Many updates have been made to the app since it first came out in 2011, including new features.

“There is a lot you can do with it now that there are silly face filters,” Eernesse added.

While the socializing apps are fun and useful, there are other useful apps that help college students organize their day.

Abigail Scanio uses her calendar application to keep track of her scheduled events throughout the week.

“It is my favorite because I can feel confident in the organization of a clean, easily accessible, visual form of when I am busy with what and when I am free,” said Scanio.

The calendar app is a tool that comes pre-loaded on every smartphone.

Whether the students made the choice to download an app that catches their interest or take advantage of one they already have access to, none of their top picks were listed on time.com’s top 10 favorite apps of 2015.

By Holly Flieg

Holly Flieg is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. She is a public relations major from Ste. Genevieve, Mo. After graduation, Flieg plans to pursue a career as an event coordinator.