Boy, a Swiss-German band, introduces a lighthearted Indie sound to the United States.


Boy, a new band from Zurich, Germany, is influenced by the American Indie style of music that’s melodic and simple with usually just a guitar and a keyboard.

I like how their songs emphasize the voice and keyboard as the most important elements of the melody.

Vocalist Valeska Steiner and bassist Sonja Glass met in 2005 while taking a pop music course at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, a university for musicians in Hamburg, Germany.

Steiner and Glass performed concerts exclusively before Grönland Records signed the band in 2011.

Since their first album, “Mutual Friends,” released in North America in March 2013, the band has quickly gained popularity, selling out shows only one month after releasing tour dates.

I really enjoy this band because each song on their album tells an in-depth story about heartbreak and new adventures.

Their song lyrics are relatable, showing that they are really trying to have the listener feel the story with each song on their album.

In their first single release, “Little Numbers,” Boy paints a story of a girl waiting for a phone call from a love interest. The anxiety of doubt is overwhelming.

Boy currently has four singles out and their most popular song is, “Little Numbers,” but there is nothing little about this duo.

Boy is here to stay.

By Glynis Sekarski

Glynis Sekarski is Opinions Editor for MBU Timeline, as well as Copy Editor and Writer. She is majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Public Relations at Missouri Baptist University. Sekarski is a Cheer manager for MBU’s Cheer and Dance team. In her spare time Sekarski loves to travel, being active in the outdoors with her family and friends, and enjoys leading a Bible study at MBU and her church.