The MBU world may never know, but a confidential interview gives us a chance to look inside our university’s beloved mascot, Spartacus.

Photo by: Brittany Gammon

Photo by: Brittany Gammon


You can find him at home basketball games and events around campus putting smiles on faces and cheering with fans, but when the game is over and the suit comes off … who is Spartacus?

Since 1973, Missouri Baptist University adopted the Spartan mascot and in November 2012, the university decided to re-brand the MBU Spartan with a new costume and by officially naming him Spartacus.

Today, the unrevealed student in the Spartacus suit has some big shoes to fill, literally. However, the student currently serving as the mascot finds joy in the role regardless of the hard work and pressure.

“The enjoyment of seeing the majority of the children and people smile, wave, and call out ‘Spartacus!’ is my favorite part,” said the MBU student, who literally maintains anonymity and elects not to reveal his identity, adding to the mascot’s mystique. “Also, being a part of the spirit program and working with the cheerleaders and dancers is always a pleasure.”

Spartacus works hand in hand with the spirit program to promote school spirit around campus and bring a new level of student involvement to home games.

The undisclosed student attends Universal Cheerleaders Association and Universal Dance Association camp with the cheerleaders and dancers every summer and is eligible for various ribbons, spirit sticks, medals and trophies while training with seasoned mascot instructors.

“He’s always a joy to be around and he is great at keeping the crowd engaged and excited. He’s very beneficial to the program,” said Bethany Warren, a sophomore dance team member.

Besides coordinating and occasionally performing with the spirit program, the student who represents Spartacus is dedicated to the role, along with many other imperative qualities.

“I think you have to be animated, outgoing, creative, over-dramatic, entertaining and overall happy to not only be a good mascot, but represent Spartacus and MBU’s values,” said the confidential student.

However, contrary from what you may believe, the mascot role comes with a few adverse aspects as well.

“It is really difficult not being able to see directly beneath you and for about three feet. It is also very hot inside, which can be hard when you have to be in the suit and in character for hours at a time,” said the current student mascot.

Despite the hard work and challenges it takes to be inside the Spartacus suit, the mystery student does an exceptional job representing the MBU mascot and said he “would not trade it for the world.”

Keep an eye out for the adored mascot, Spartacus, at events around campus.