The old school meets the new school in “Uncle Drew,” a hilarious basketball comedy that also has a heart. Uncle Drew and his team take on the young generation in the Rucker Park Tournament and plan to show them how the game of basketball is really played.

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NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving in the 2016 playoffs against Oklahoma City, when he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving stars as Uncle Drew in the 2018 hit comedy, “Uncle Drew.”


“Uncle Drew” is the greatest basketball movie of all time. From the big time characters to the underdog plot of the movie, it is a complete success.

The movie is all about one of the main characters named “Dax,” played by Lil Rel Howery, and how he overcomes one of the biggest obstacles in his life.

As a little kid growing up Dax is an orphan child who always has dreams of being with a family, but he never finds a family when he is younger so he finds love for the game of basketball instead.

As a young child he is exceptional at basketball and that enables him to gain love from friends and mentors around him, but that all changes after one game.

Dax has the chance for the last-second shot to win the game for his team but his shot gets blocked and everyone humiliates him. All of his so-called friends walk away from him and leave him alone.

As Dax gets older he wants to regain all that love back and redeem himself.

There’s an annual streetball event called,“The Rucker Park Tournament,” and Dax’s dream was always to win the tournament.

He spends his whole life savings buying jerseys and building a team to beat his rival, “Mookie,” who is played by Nick Kroll.

Unfortunately for Dax, the dream team he creates ends up leaving him for Mookie and he loses all hope.

Now he’s on the hunt looking for a new team and, fortunately for him, he finds one. But they are not quite what he expects.

He meets the most dominant player who ever played in the Rucker Park Tournament, Uncle Drew, played by NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving.

So Dax talks to Uncle Drew about playing in the tournament and they team up together and create an all-star team.

The funny part about this is the team is filled with Uncle Drew’s old teammates, and they are all old, but they can still play ball.

Of course other teams underestimate them because they’re old people trying to play basketball, but that just makes the movie much sweeter.

Uncle Drew and his team dominate throughout the entire the tournament and prove everyone wrong.

One of the main appeals for me was that you have never seen old people ball out until you have seen Uncle Drew and his squad.

During the entire time they are together, Dax realizes that he had a family all along, and it was Uncle Drew and his friends.

The movie is just amazing because it tells the truth about the game of basketball and it also shows what true family and friendship is.

The cast of the movie is phenomenal, including Howell as Dax, Irving as Uncle Drew, Chris Webber as Preacher, Lisa Leslie as Betty Lou, Shaquille O’Neal as Big Fella and Nate Robinson as Boots.

What’s really amazing about the cast is that all of them are (and were) professional basketball players.

They all played their roles perfectly and people get to see a funny side of them that you wouldn’t ordinarily see.

I really enjoyed the movie because I play basketball myself and I’m also a huge Kyrie Irving fan, so I will watch anything with him in it.

The movie overall was a big success and brought together tons of action and excellent comedy.

If you haven’t seen “Uncle Drew” I suggest you see this movie as soon as possible, especially since we are in the middle of basketball season. In the honorable words of Uncle Drew, “Don’t reach young bloods.”

By Alexia Duncan

Alexia Duncan is a contributing writer for MBU Timeline. A transfer student to Missouri Baptist University, Duncan is majoring in communications. She is hoping to become a sports broadcaster or sports journalist when she graduates from MBU. Duncan is also a part of the MBU women’s basketball team.