The Nazarite Vow

Missouri Baptist University professor, Dr. David Bailey, tells the reason behind keeping his hair long.


“It’s been very valuable for whatever reason for me being separated out to serve the Lord in kind of a unique way and it’s actually opened up more doors than I thought it would, even though that’s not the intent,” said Dr. David Bailey.

After setting aside 40 days to fast in the fall of 2012, Dr. Bailey was called by God to continue the fast and enter into the tradition of the Nazarite Vow.

“And I approached the end of those 40 days,  I was impressed by the Lord speaking to me to basically say, ‘Do not stop the fast,’ and I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but he basically led me into a Nazarite Vow, or what I say the tradition of the Nazarite Vow,” said Dr. Bailey.

The Nazarite Vow, found in the Bible, Numbers 6:1-21, talks about a man or a woman separating themselves from others.

The first part of the vow is abstaining from any forms of grapes; wine, raisins, intoxicating liquors.

The second, refraining from cutting the hair on the head.

The third, to not come in contact with graves or corpses, even if it is a family member of the person in the Nazarite Vow.

Bailey, who is senior pastor at StarBridge Christian Center in Wildwood, Mo., is president and founder of StarBridge Ministries, in addition to being an associate professor of psychology in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division at Missouri Baptist University for the past six years. Prior to that, Dr. Bailey was an adjunct professor at MBU for four years.

“I do believe in prayer and fasting, and just seeking the Lord’s will,” said Dr. Bailey.

Through participating in the Nazarite Vow, Bailey has had doors opened for him to witness to both students and other adults.

Bailey teaches a variety of courses at MBU, including: General Psychology; Moral and Spiritual Development; Psychology and the Law; Death and Dying; and Pastoral Counseling and Care Giving.

Bailey received his Master of Arts and doctoral degrees from Biola University in LaMirada, Calif.

His areas of specialization include the integration of psychology and theology, clinical psychology, neuropsychology and health psychology.

Dr. Bailey’s teaching experience spans over 25 years, including teaching at the graduate, undergraduate and seminary levels.

Bailey is a licensed psychologist in Missouri and California.

He is also a licensed marriage, family, child therapist, certified personal trainer, ordained minister and Christian life coach.

In addition, he also served in the U.S. Army in 1972 and is a Vietnam War Veteran.

Dr. Bailey has been married to Nancy Bailey for over 35 years, and they enjoy ballroom dancing.

They have two grown sons, two goddaughters and one grandchild.

More information on Dr. David Bailey can be found by clicking here.

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