MBU graduate Elizabeth Busekrus has an enthusiasm for writing that is unmatched, but which is also perfect for her new position as writing lab coordinator at MBU.


As the new writing lab coordinator, Missouri Baptist University graduate Elizabeth Busekrus is actively pursuing new ways to bring students joy in writing.

Busekrus, who works part time at MBU while attending graduate school, has always enjoyed writing.

“Ever since I was a young child, I have had a passion for writing. I would write short stories and try to sell them for a dollar to my neighbors,” Busekrus said.

When deciding her major at MBU Busekrus said, “I decided upon English, and my end goal is to be a professor of English.”

As writing lab coordinator Busekrus will be able to showcase her talents.

“With my current position, I tutor students on specific pieces of writing, but I also try to teach them something that can be applied to each writing situation, whether showing them a zeal for the English language, teaching them a general writing skill, or showing them a different perspective of what writing is,” Busekrus said in an email.

Students will not only improve their writing but new contests are offered. This semester, students could win $100 in a writing contest. A variety of writing types are accepted, including plays and journal entries as well as traditional essays.

Appointments in the writing lab can either be a 30-minute or one-hour sessions. These topics can include essays, reports, brainstorming and organizing. The writing lab can be contacted at (314) 392-2364 or emailed at writing@mobap.edu.

By Caitlyn Chase

Caitlyn Chase, a senior public relations major from Chicago, is a staff writer for MBU Timeline. Chase is on the MBU women's wrestling team. She is a two time All-American for the Spartans.