We often hear people ask, “What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?” You’ve likely been given great advice that has impacted your life. However, the advice you’ve been given might not be the same advice you would give someone else. If you could give someone a piece of advice, what would it be? I went around campus and asked MBU students this question.

Graphic by McKenzie Sheehy

If You Could Give Someone a Piece of Advice, What Would it Be?

Melanie Heflin
Exercise Science
O’Fallon, Missouri

Always trust your instinct, because chances are your instinct isn’t wrong. Also, don’t change who you are for anyone and always stand up for what you personally believe in, even if that means you lose a few people who disagree with you.

Jada Jones
Christian Ministries

St. Charles, Missouri

Prioritize you time. Not everyone and everything deserves your time. Prioritize what actually matters and gives you joy.

Brent Seyer
Secondary Education and Biology Education
Oak Ridge, Missouri 

Know your strengths and weaknesses. We all are made different yet perfect in the eyes of God. We all have different talents that can be used in ways. Sometimes other people can do a better job at a task than you.

Kolby Matsushima
Kaneohe, Hawai’i

Don’t feel like you’ve gotta be perfect or have everything figured out. Have fun, make mistakes, fall down, but pick yourself up. Learn from all of your experiences, and make memories that’ll last you a lifetime.

Kirenda Brown
St. Charles, Missouri

It sounds cliche, but college is really about the quality and not the quantity of your friends. Find your space, be your true self and get involved.

Jessalynn Scheltens

Lake St. Louis, Missouri

There’s a verse in James and it says be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. I was listening to something else earlier this week and it talked about how, when we talk to people, we should listen to understand and not to respond.

By Emily Heflin

Emily Heflin is a staff journalist, photojournalist and managing editor for MBU Timeline. Born and raised in O’Fallon, Missouri, Heflin is a senior pursuing a major in communications studies and a double minor in journalism and public relations. Heflin also works as a communications intern for a non-profit.