The new installment, “Advanced Warfare,” has pros and cons, but mostly pros. As of this week, creator Activision is not saying how much money the new game has generated, but we could possibly see $500 million in sales soon.




The “Call of Duty” video game franchise has been one of the highest-grossing video games over the past decade, with more than 100 million people playing the game and total gross estimates of more than $10 billion.

With the latest installment, “Advanced Warfare,” released Nov. 4, the franchise is a series of war-themed games where players can play online with friends or people across the world.

The game features a range of game modes such as team death match, domination, capture the flag, free-for-all, kill confirmed, demolitions, and search and destroy.

One popular way to play “Call of Duty” is quick scoping. The idea behind quickscoping is quickly aiming down the sight of a sniper rifle and shooting. This was made popular by Major League Gamers (MLG) on YouTube.

With the new “Call of Duty” out for a few weeks now, Sledgehammer Games has released several statements on the ability to quick scope.

In an online article, Sledgehammer said they would not include quick draw — a perk or attachment that allows the player to aim faster — as an attachment for sniper rifles.

With the addition of Exo-suits and a variety of abilities and new movements, Sledgehammer looks to make a fast paced game to keep gamers on their toes.

Many gamers were ready for the release.

“I (was) excited for this game to drop. I (had) my copy pre-ordered and paid off,” said Christopher Earl, a junior at McCluer South Berkeley High School.

Even those students who aren’t buying the game find themselves intrigued.

“Even though I’m not getting it, it still looks exciting and I would love to have it,” said Brandon Sims, a junior at Meramec Community College.

Others like the idea of having the game, just not being a part of the beta testers.

“I will get it, but I will wait until they work out all the bugs and fix the servers so it won’t lag as bad,” said Ricky Brooks, a senior at Missouri Baptist University.

Not everyone has a positive outlook on the game.

“‘Call of Duty’ is an overhyped video game that people anticipate. It is a copy and paste of all the original titles just with a little bit of stuff added,” said Antonio Domino, a sophomore at MBU. “The game never looks like the trailers and they feed the audience with little information about the game so that they will purchase it.”

Mark Williams, a freshman at MBU, agrees the new game is more form over substance.

“It’s just like ‘Halo.’ They have jetpacks that make them jump halfway across the map. It’s so stupid,” Williams said.

With good and bad opinions on “Call of Duty — Advanced Warfare,” the game has to speak for itself and live up to the hype.