Spring Break is just around the corner. Can’t afford a trip to the beach? Forget it. Relax at home or take a short road trip with some friends.


It’s that point in the semester where all you can envision is no homework, relaxing and maybe even sitting on a beach while reading your favorite book and watching the waves crash.

The eyes and mind like the idea, but the bank account? Not so much.

The cost of traveling to the beach can be expensive, so why not try something new this year? Why not stay in town and save some money?

Here are five alternative Spring Break stay-cation ideas for you to try instead that will barely leave a dent in your savings account.

1) Mini Road Trip

While taking a trip to the beach can be a bit pricey, going on a weekend road trip with some of your friends can be much more affordable.

Going with friends will allow you to save money by splitting the price of gas, plus there’s no doubt you’ll make some fun memories along the way.

You don’t have to travel far. There are many parks in Missouri where you can pitch a tent and camp overnight.

Bring your bikes, a soccer ball or a Frisbee. Instead of eating out, pack plenty of food to share to cut the costs. And, of course, don’t forget to bring stuff to make S’mores around the campfire.

If you don’t feel like spending an entire weekend away from home, make it a day trip.

You don’t have to travel far to have fun. Discover your city. There are plenty of places to visit within the St. Louis area that are inexpensive or free such as the St. Louis Zoo, the History Museum, the Art Museum, or the Gateway Arch to name a few.

2) Spring Cleaning

If you don’t feel like traveling at all, stay home and do some cleaning. Give your bedroom, apartment, or house a thorough spring cleaning.

Start with picking everything up off the floor. Sweep, mop, vacuum those floors. Dust each room.

Grab three boxes and label them “keep,” “trash” and “donate.” When you clean through your drawers and closet, place things in the appropriate box.

You can donate all those clothes you haven’t worn in months to a thrift shop or even a friend or neighbor in need.

If you’re feeling motivated to do more, head outside and clean your car. Give it a bath and vacuum.

3) Be Creative

Make a list of crafts you would like to make or recipes you would like to try out and set the week of Spring Break aside to make an attempt at these.

Pinterest is always a great place to look. The crafting-oriented social website has countless do-it-yourself projects waiting for you to try.

Paint a picture, make a picture collage for your bedroom or dorm room, or paint an accent wall in your bedroom.

The options are endless.

4) Tone It Up

Spring Break is a great time to get started with an exercise routine or even try a fitness class.

You can do something as simple as constructing a 10-minute exercise routine in your own home, run a mile through your neighborhood each day, take a fitness class such as yoga or zumba at the nearest gym, or register to run a 5K.

Not only is exercising good for your physical health, it is essential for your mental, emotional, social and spiritual health as well.

Make a week plan and continue to stick with it once school resumes and through the rest of the semester.

Exercising will leave you feeling healthy, energized and with a sense of accomplishment.

5) Treat Yourself

Last but not least, what would a Spring Break be without spending a day relaxing? Don’t forget to treat yourself to something you enjoy most.

Whether it be a shopping spree, a spa day, a walk through the park, reading a book, or seeing a movie, give yourself a break from homework and your usual busy schedule and enjoy some time to yourself and make the most of your Spring Break.

By Hannah Wood

Hannah Wood is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. She is a senior double majoring in communication studies and public relations. She currently works part-time for MBU Student Activities. After graduating, she plans to pursue a career in event planning. Hannah enjoys spending time with her family and friends and working as a nanny.