From working in radio and television, to teaching in the university setting, to surviving a diagnosis of cancer, this man has inspired his co-workers and students to make a difference in the world around them.


Ray Killebrew, native of St. Louis, was a professor at Missouri Baptist University for nearly 18 years.

He is a respected professor and professional full of knowledge and wisdom from his career in both his teaching and career in a variety of communication industries.

Killebrew, a member of Kirkwood Baptist Church for almost 40 years, has spent his time influencing MBU students both mentally and spiritually for almost two decades.

There are numerous success stories of individuals that go through Killebrew’s classrooms at some point in their collegiate careers.  

He experienced change at the university and the movement of the Communications Department from the lower level of the Field Building to where it is now, the lower level of the Chapel/Fine Arts building.

After retiring last year from his full-time position in the Communications Department, Killebrew is now in his first year as an adjunct professor in the Business Department, teaching a class called “Entrepreneurship” from a real world approach.

Many aspects have changed in Killebrew’s career at MBU, with his courage and will to influence others continually changing lives with each encounter he makes. 
Killebrew can also be seen on STL TV’s “Going Like 60,” where he interviews some of the most interesting baby boomers.

By Ryan Rerich

Ryan Rerich, Editor of MBU Timeline, is a senior pursuing a double degree in journalism and communication studies with minors in sport management and public relations. Rerich, from Weimar, Texas, is a member of the golf team and was on the national qualifying team in 2013. Rerich engages himself in the photography aspect of sports, as well as writing and editing stories for the student website in a multitude of topics. In the past, Rerich was an intern at the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis, as well as an intern at the Schulenburg Sticker, a weekly newspaper in South Central Texas. He is currently working in the MBU Writing Lab tutoring students during the school year. When he is not involved in those various activities, he can be found playing intramurals on Wednesdays or possibly playing catch outside of the apartments.