Paul Melnuk is a local businessman who struggled with addiction before finding Alcoholics Anonymous and facing recovery head on. He now flourishes as a sober mentor who helps others grow through the program. 

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Alcoholics Anonymous is a program designed to help young men and women stay clean, and Paul Melnuk plays a lead role in the program for many of the nation’s suffering addicts.

Melnuk has been sober for 12 years and continues to thrive through the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

The importance of staying clean is imminent to Melnuk, who has grown a lot in maturity since becoming sober.

Melnuk fell into alcoholism in high school when he would party every weekend.

“I was trapped in a cycle of self destruction, I routinely destroyed myself by drinking hard liquor in order to socially connect,” said Melunk.

Since those days he has grown into a successful businessman, currently working as managing member of ABGB Capital.

Alcohol was tough for him to overcome because it was the junction of most of his social interaction throughout his early life.

“Becoming sober is crucial to my success, every day it plays a vital role in the man I am today,” said Melnuk, who serves as an AA sponsor, advising others who are struggling to overcome the disease.

The Alcoholics Anonymous program is growing, with a presence in over 170 countries and an estimated total of 114,000 groups.

And so is the need, as a study released this week by the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office notes that one in seven Americans will face substance addictions.

Currently, only 10 percent of those now addicted receive treatment, according to a story posted Thursday, Nov. 17, in USA Today.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a program which helps many men and women from all walks of life stay clean from drugs and alcohol. The program has scheduled community events and they thrive together as a sober foundation for many people.

In hundreds of different cities this program connects individuals through a positive message of hope.

“Alcoholics Anonymous is a program which enables me to connect to my community in a mature fashion. Before, when I was out drinking, I felt fake and estranged from everybody and in a sick mindset,” Melnuk said. “Now that I am sober I feel a stronger connection to people.”

Melnuk is a role model in the program as he sponsors young men and aides in their sobriety, helping them grow and mature through their recovery.

In the Alcoholics Anonymous program the preferred system is men mentoring men and women mentoring women.

As a sponsor, Melnuk checks on sponsees through texts and phone calls. Sponsors have regular meetings to keep each other motivated and are there for moral support as sober leaders.

Melnuk remains a positive influence in the program and is always helping people to mature and grow through their recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

“Sponsorship is part of how I give back to the program, I am able to help many young men mature through life,” said Melnuk.

Melnuk has a philosophy that as we stay clean we return to our natural self, we heal internally from the pain addiction brought into our life and we flourish through our rejuvenation of sobriety.

“I have seen the light in a young man’s eyes through my assistance in his recovery. It is a great passion to see a person recover and flourish through his maturity,” said Melnuk.

Melnuk is adamant on helping recovering addicts develop into successful sober members of society.

Melnuk has changed a lot of young lives through his sponsorship, and a lot of individuals have flourished because of his influence. He continues to motivate men in the program by setting the example of a successful role model.

By Miles Chase

Miles Chase is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. He is a senior majoring in communications with a minor in business. He runs on the track and field team and lives in Kirkwood, Mo. In his free time, Miles enjoys working out, listening to music and making money at work. He plans to be a business sales representative after college.