MBU women’s wrestling team members continue their dedication to serving others — with lipstick.


The women’s wrestling team joined Mary Kay to find the cure for breast cancer recently in the North Hall women’s dormitory.

Nine freshmen and sophomore girls received facials and make-overs while learning about how to support the cause.

“For the month of October we support the research to end breast cancer and also to end domestic violence,” Mary Kay Senior Sales Director Ana Farrell said. “So, for the month of October we ask our clients to round up their purchase to the next dollar and that is donated to the foundation. As the director we match that fund and we send it to the Mary Kay Foundation.”

More information about the Mary Kay Foundation can be found at this link.

The learning did not stop with just breast cancer awareness but the students also learned life lessons.

“We came to do a pampering session with some students. We were invited by one of the students who happened to be the hostess and she invited her friends,” said Farrell. “We came to not only pamper them but educate them about skin care, how to take care of themselves and also being self-reliant.”

This was a first for some of the student wrestlers.

“My favorite part of today was putting makeup on myself because I have never done it before,” said Adriana Pena, a freshman criminal justice major.

To find more information on how to host a Mary Kay party, contact Farrell on her Facebook.

Student Reactions:

“This is so much fun because I am spending time with my teammates.”

               Marie Ramirez


               elementary education


“This is my first time getting a facial, so I am really enjoying this.”

               Arely Valles


               exercise science


“It’s a fun way to bond with our team and do girly things.”

               Kayle Chevez




“Putting makeup on was my favorite part.”

               Isabella Silva




“I like the way the primer softened my skin.”

               Marki Simmons


By Caitlyn Chase

Caitlyn Chase, a senior public relations major from Chicago, is a staff writer for MBU Timeline. Chase is on the MBU women's wrestling team. She is a two time All-American for the Spartans.