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Wrapping it all up and Heading Home

With the spring semester officially over, students are heading home and soon starting their summer jobs, from Texas to Michigan to North Carolina to California.


Final exams are over, the end of the school year has arrived and Missouri Baptist University students from every corner of the country will be returning to their homes this week to start summer jobs and internships.

Interviewed in this story are current MBU students from four corners of the United States: Reid Cure, of Plano, Texas; Chris Kenny, of Castor Valley, Calif.; Blaine Shinn, of Moorsville, N.C., and Mack Ivory III, of Dearborn, Mich.

“Although many people stress about finals week, I just can’t wait to get back to the heat of Texas and start working,” said Cure.

Cure works for Ironman Installations building furniture and furnishing school rooms.

A junior at MBU and member of the MBU men’s baseball team, Cure has worked at this job for the past three summers in his hometown in North Texas.

“It’s like I can not finish this semester fast enough in hopes of getting back home to my home and family,” said Cure.

Not everyone was as stress-free as Cure about this year’s final exams.

“I’ve been dreading finals week this year. With the bowling season in full swing, my focus has not been on my studies, unfortunately, but instead on my athletics,” said Ivory.

Ivory is a junior from Dearborn, Mich., and a member of the MBU men’s bowling team.

“This summer I will be looking for some part-time work to have a few extra bucks to cover next semester. I will probably pick my part-time job at the local sporting goods shop back up,” said Ivory III.

Shinn said he was pleasantly surprised by final exams week.

“Finals have not been too much of a bear on me. This is only my first year and I honestly thought finals were going to be much more difficult than they are,” said Shinn.

Shinn is a freshman at MBU from Moorsville, N.C., and a member of the MBU men’s wrestling team.

“When I get home to North Carolina, I plan on working for my dad doing landscaping like I have in previous high school summers,” said Shinn.

Duncan plans to do similar type work this summer.

“This summer I will work as an apprentice for a carpenter. It’s a good woodworking job and I like working with my hands,” said Duncan.

Duncan is a junior at MBU from Reno, Nev., and a member of the MBU men’s baseball team.

“I hate finals. I hate finals week. It’s the worst week ever,” said Duncan.

Finals week did not have the same effect on everyone, however.

“I’m not very nervous at all for finals week actually, I’d actually say that I am excited,” Kenny said before finals week began. “I say that simply because the semester is finally over, as well as the fact that all the hard work is finally paying off from the whole semester.”

Kenny is a junior out of Castor Valley, Calif., and a member of the MBU men’s baseball team.

Overall, these MBU students were looking forward to finishing up finals week and now they’re looking forward to getting on with their summer plans.

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David Long

David Long

David Long is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. He is a junior who is majoring in General Communications Studies. Long is the captain of the MBU Mens Golf Team and has been a member of it for 3 years. Born and raised in Goshen, Ind., Long now lives just south of Asheville in Rutherford County, N.C.. He plans on pursuing a career as a golf professional after he graduates. Long will be the president and founder of Phi Lambda Phi, the first men's fraternity at MBU.


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