Blogging about fall. Who can resist a discussion about the season of the year that brings up thoughts of football, cooler weather, falling leaves and that seasonal staple, pumpkin-spiced lattes at the Perk? So, the question of the day about which MBU students in the Basic Reporting and Writing for Journalism class are asked to blog is: What is your favorite thing about fall?

Photo by: Brittany Gammon

Photo by: Brittany Gammon



Boot season, candy pumpkins, scary movies, changing leaves, ’nuff said.

If anyone is questioning that this is a blog about the fall then you clearly are from another hemisphere.

When the turkey’s out. When post-season begins. When the kids dress like fiends.

I simply remember a few of my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad … that it is getting cold.



The best thing about fall is football. I love playing and watching football.

Also, Halloween and scary movies are great in the fall.

The weather is also perfect, because I hate the heat and cold, so fall is perfect.

School is just starting back.



The smell of smoke hangs in the air, and with it the sweet smell of s’mores.

My favorite thing about fall is the late-night bonfires with friends and family with the crisp chill of autumn hanging around.

Now with college especially, and the challenges of seeing friends greater than ever, these nights are ones I will cherish forever.

Sharing stories around the campfire about how life is going and the different games that are played at night compose some of my favorite memories.

Following the start of fall also comes Halloween, and my tradition of sitting on different porches in costume to scare people will continue.



As summer comes to an end and the brisk air starts nipping at your skin, the one thing that comes to my mind is the oncoming season of wearing boots and coats.

Though I hate the cold, I love the feeling of being cozy in my warm apparel as the wind whips around your hair.

For some reason, I have always enjoyed colder weather, but this may be due to the climate I was born in.

Spending my first 18 months in Vietnam acclimated me to a warmer climate, causing me to appreciate the colder weather.

In Asia, once it hits about 70 degrees, people start wearing coats because that is considered “winter” compared to the 100-plus-degree summers.



One of my favorite aspects of fall is the cool weather and the crisp smell and taste to the air.

I also love how it is soccer season in the fall, and I get to play ball with my teammates and work out with them.

The pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks entices me to love fall all the more.

I love how my mother and I both have birthdays in the fall.

Celebrating Halloween is a great time, it’s always wonderful seeing the happy children.

The farmers market down the street is a traditional shopping center that has all the holiday necessities as well as fresh vegetables and fruits.

When the trees metamorph from green to the amber red and pumpkin orange, it fills me with nostalgia and awe.



First, my favorite thing about fall is Halloween. Second, my favorite thing is the World Series.

Third, my favorite thing is that all scary movies come out. Fourth, my favorite thing is also football.

Fifth, my favorite thing is the changing of the weather also. Finally, I also like the way the trees look with the different color leaves.



Although fall signifies ongoing change, with the leaves falling, I’d much rather watch the waves come up and the sun shine.

Growing up on the shoreline, the thought of me waking up, putting on a wetsuit and riding my bicycle to the beach sounds a little more ideal than the typical cliches of fall.

In spite of the fact you hear the majority of girls raving on about “pumpkin spice lattes” and “big cozy sweaters,” I’d much rather be barefoot on the beach.

If I had to pick my favorite thing about fall, though, it’d have to be my birthday and my sister’s birthday, two excuses to have a good time, without feeling guilty.



The crisp air that smells of a freshly stoked bonfire brings warmth to the world around us.

Autumn brings hayrides, caramel apples, bonfires and pumpkin everything.

What better way to spend a Saturday than watching your favorite football team take that win with the many cheering fans.

It announces the close of summer, but welcomes a season of friends and family.

Boots, sweaters and scarves can be found on nearly every girl heading to Starbucks for her first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.

As the saying goes, I’m “falling in love with fall.”



The only thing I like about fall is that football starts.

I like Cardinals post-season baseball during the fall.

I like the scary movies that come in the fall.



My favorite thing about fall is soccer season. There is nothing better than getting to train and play the sport I love every day.

The weather in the fall is my favorite, it’s perfect jacket weather and the weather at night is euphoric.

My birthday comes at the start of every fall and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

I also enjoy Thanksgiving and going shopping every Black Friday.