Spring Break can be an exciting time. College students all across the country are preparing to go on trips with their friends. What are your plans for the week off in March? Are they going to be everything you hope they will be?


Photo by Sierra Thompson


Another beloved, and well-deserved, school break is just around the corner. Most students may already have their breaks planned out, but what about you?

When you are gifted with time off how do you use it? Do you make plans for a trip with friends? Or do you focus on spending time to relax and regroup before taking on the rest of the semester?

Either way you choose to spend your free time, it may not go exactly as planned.

1) Traveling

Expectations: They usually include getting a large group of friends together and relocating to a beach somewhere.

However, sometimes plans just do not work out and getting all of your friends on the same schedule can be a daunting task.

Reality: I have been planning some trips with friends for quite awhile. Plans always seem to be getting pushed back.

Finding the time and money for these spontaneous adventures requires a lot of planning and dedication.

Ultimately if you want to make things happen, you have to be very persistent.

So if you have not planned your getaway just yet, check out some of these cheap Spring Break destinations for some inspiration.

Saving some money by driving could still make all of your Spring Break dreams a reality.

2) Homework

Expectations: Every year I always make plans to catch up on my studies. Sometimes I even feel so confident that I might get ahead in my classes.

However, no matter how hard I try, I can never get out of a “but I am on a break” mindset.

Reality: I may work on a couple of things here and there, but it is never how much I really want to get finished.

The sad truth is that my attempts at studying often slip into a binge-watching session on Netflix.

If you are anything like me, then you may appreciate this list of the best TV shows on Netflix to get your Spring Break started.

3) Sleeping

Expectations: After waking up early for class every day, you will want to spend a small amount of your break getting some beauty sleep.

Reality: Once you finally get to sleep in a couple of times, your days and nights may start to suffer.

Just make sure you can easily get back on schedule before classes begin again.

When classes start, we are only a short month from summer vacation.

Make your Spring Break count and have fun with it.

You only get to enjoy a good four (or five) Spring Breaks in your collegiate career.

By Sierra Thompson

Sierra Thompson is an editor for MBU Timeline. She is majoring in communication studies and minoring in business administration. Thompson is a member of the softball team at MBU. In her free time she loves to travel, watch movies and spend time with her family and friends.