Ichabod Crane awakens after two and a half centuries to discover a new world and to save it from the apocalypse.


Sleepy Hollow” premiered in September 2013 with 10 million viewers.

The shows airs on Monday nights at 9/8c on Fox.

I just recently watched all of the first season and have caught up to the current episode of the second season.

When I first heard about the series last year I thought the concept was vague and simple.

From watching the original commercials one might think the series was only a power struggle between the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane, played by Tom Mison.

Instead you are surprised to find out that there was a secret war going on behind that of the American Revolutionary War.

The Revolutionary War was merely a cover for what was really happening during the creation of a new nation.

Britain hired an elite group of Hessian mercenaries known as the 5th Battalion of Germany to fight in the Revolution War.

Britain, however, did not know the battalion was an occult group known as The Shadow Warriors.

The Shadow Warriors are commanded by an unknown demon to begin laying the path to the apocalypse.

One way the Shadow Warriors began their quest was by creating the first horseman of the apocalypse, Death.

Death wreaks havoc across the countryside until he is slayed by Crane in battle.

Crane chops off Death’s head, creating the Headless Horseman as the blood of his enemy flows on the ground.

But in Crane’s efforts to stop the horseman he is also mortally wounded, spilling his blood on the battlefield and weaving his fate with the horseman’s, literally.

Crane and Death’s blood intertwined, linking them together.

After two centuries Crane awakens from a tomb and not only has Crane awakened but so has the Horseman.

The Horseman starts killing without any hesitation.

Dazed and confused, Crane stumbles into town where he is arrested and meets Lt. Abbie Mills, Nicole Beharie, an officer for the Sleepy Hollow police force.

The series so far has been exciting to watch with each episode either being packed with action or loaded with suspense.

The theme throughout the series is that Crane and Lt. Hall are trying to solve supernatural murders, saving people or hindering the apocalypse.

It may sound like a gloomy theme for a series but it still has its humorous moments.

Crane and Lt. Hall have a wonderful partnership which can be seen through their banter and interactions.

Lt. Hall is almost like a caretaker for Crane as she helps him adjust to our world and modern times.

We take so many modern things for granted and the series plays on that with the way Crane interacts with the new world around him.

Crane also finds some modern things, like sales tax, to be a little outrageous.

Also, Crane shows how his knowledge of the past can prove to be better than what we may think we know today.

Crane gives a little insight to the past while working with Lt. Hall.

The series is unique and hard to explain without watching it for yourself.

“Sleepy Hollow” has a great blend of comedy and drama.

It may take some time to feel emotionally connected to the characters but once you are you can’t let go.

So if you are looking for a fantasy crime drama “Sleepy Hollow” is the show you are looking for.

By Donovan Correll

Donovan Correll, a junior Communication Studies major, is a staff writer for MBU Timeline and reporter/anchor for MBU Timeline-Broadcast.