Students and faculty members came together recently at the Mabee Great Hall to enjoy the arrival of spring in a fun new way.



Missouri Baptist University recently hosted its first official swing dance for the yearly Spring Fling.

The swing dance took place in the Mabee Great Hall and the first 60 people there were admitted.

Many people got involved with this fun event. Dr. Andy Chambers, MBU’s vice president for student development, brought his wife.

“My wife and I had a lot of fun,” said Chambers.

The night started off with swing dance lessons and ended around 9:30 p.m.

The teaching put everyone in the swinging mood and helped beginners learn how to swing.

“Taking the lesson beforehand, it helped me feel more comfortable once the music started,” said Chambers.

Jordan Weller, a junior, was one of the students who helped teach the instructional section of the night.

“I taught the more advanced class moves like the ‘double dip’ and ‘the advanced pretzel.’ After some lessons, everyone hit it off with a bang,” Weller said. “All the dancers had a really great time. I found students dancing and showing each other moves the next morning between classes.”

Amanda Bauman, a freshman, was in charge of the planning the entire event.

“It was a really simple event to plan. I just had to hire instructors, make a playlist and order food,” Bauman said. “We kept it really simple this year because it was just a trial run.”

Now the question is, will there be another swing fling next year?

“The event was a success and more highly attended than we anticipated, therefore it is safe to say that we will have another swing dance next year,” said Bauman.

The inaugural dance proved to be something new, different and inexpensive.

“I greatly enjoyed the dance. There aren’t too many activities you can do with over 75 people and keep it cheap and fun. Swing dancing is the perfect group event,” Weller said. “I think the swing dance really brought a sense of unity to our campus. It forced us to talk with many different people that perhaps we wouldn’t have before.”

The feedback to Weller has been nothing but positive.

“I can’t even tell you how many people have asked me when the next dance is going to be. One girl said, ‘Last night was the best night of my life. I had so much fun,’” Weller recalled. “Swing dancing provides a fun, clean, energetic atmosphere that brings people together to make those college memories that last.”

The event was a huge success and would now be the newest addition to MBU’s Spring Fling.

Chambers agreed about bringing the event back next spring, saying, “Yes, but I need more lessons.”