Missouri Baptist University teamed up with Mercy Hospital St. Louis to save lives.


Students, staff and faculty attended the student activities-sponsored blood drive on Nov. 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Participants in the drive received a free T-shirt, food and beverages.

For each donation, the hospital collected three units of blood.

“I think that everybody should donate blood. I think that is something incredibly selfless,” said junior public relations major Jerica Drago. “Not everyone can be a fireman, a police officer or a soldier, but you can still save a life.”

The goal for the blood drive was 40 pints, so 120 lives can be saved.

“I feel like a superhero because I saved three lives,” said senior exercise science major, Sheena Payton.

Students will have the opportunity to feel like a superhero at upcoming blood drives.

Mercy Hospital visits the campus four times per school year.

Donations are accepted year round at Mercy Hospital, and you can click here for more information.

This was the first time giving blood for some students.

“I have never given blood before,” said sophomore April Aguirre. “I have always wanted to but felt like there was something holding me back.”

Many students were cheerful and excited to be participating in such a good cause.

“I like to give blood because I feel like I am helping people,” said freshman pre-nursing major Holly Pinson.

To watch how lives can be affected by giving blood, click here.


By Caitlyn Chase

Caitlyn Chase, a senior public relations major from Chicago, is a staff writer for MBU Timeline. Chase is on the MBU women's wrestling team. She is a two time All-American for the Spartans.