It is important to have the best college experience, but even more important is knowing how to manage your time and study to the best of your abilities.


Missouri Baptist University’s study skills coordinator, Rose Sumpter, will be holding a brief seminar scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11, in Room 115 of the Field Building.

“The seminar is aimed towards incoming freshmen to inform them of information regarding: study skills, time management, how to read textbooks,” said Kim Rojas of the Academic Success Center. “Freshmen can feel prepared for the best college experience.”

This seminar will only be an hour long and there are incentives for attending.

In addition to complimentary snacks, there will be participation points given to those who are enrolled in Collegiate Seminar and Quest.

Visit the Academic Success Center, located in the Field Academic Building or call Rojas at (314) 744-7699 for more information on the study skills workshop and other student seminars, workshops and tutoring opportunities.

By Victoria Wright

Victoria Wright, a senior public relations major from Festus, Mo., is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. Wright enjoys drawing, photography, blogging and swimming. Currently, Wright has a photography internship with the St. Louis Blues. After graduation, Wright plans to head to New York in the field of fashion PR while working toward a master's degree in marketing.