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Introducing the new MBU Timeline


Our site has a new look, but there is more to it than merely a freshened appearance.


New name, new looks and a new site. We are honored to welcome you to the MBU Timeline community. As you explore our site, there are some obvious changes.

  • Name change & structure

    • Previously, the Communications Department at Missouri Baptist University had three different student media sources: Timeline Online (website), Timeline (broadcast) and MBU The Wave (virtual radio.) Now, every news source is consolidated to one — MBU Timeline.

    • Four different branches form a strong and unified network together known as MBU Timeline.

    • The four branches are:

      • MBU Timeline Newsroom

      • MBU Timeline Broadcast

      • MBU Timeline Social

      • MBU Timeline Radio

  • New website

    • With vivid pictures, clean lines, interactivity and simplicity, the new is designed to share MBU stories with ease and elegance. Visitors can quickly view the latest stories, and still view past stories with ease.

  • New logo

    • The new MBU Timeline logo strongly represents the new student news network of Missouri Baptist University. With crisp lines, the new logo is symbolic as well as attractive. The “t” in the middle represents Timeline, and the four segments of a circle represent the four divisions of MBU Timeline.

      • Blue: MBU Timeline Newsroom

      • Red: MBU Timeline Social Media

      • Green: MBU Timeline Radio

      • Orange: MBU  Timeline Broadcast

  • New editor

    • At this time, I would like to introduce myself as MBU Timeline’s Editor-in-Chief. This semester and summer I orchestrated these changes with the help from my staff, University Communications and Dr. Allin Means, associate professor of journalism and communications. I am a senior at MBU, and will graduate this spring with majors in public relations and communications as well as minors in journalism and political science.

  • Mission

    • Our “About” page states what MBU Timeline stands for with strength. We promise to commit to the mission, allowing our community to keep us accountable to our promise and reporting.

  • The “X” factor

    • The new is more than a new logo and new website — but a platform to let students’ work shine. We now push each other to the next level, so we share the stories of MBU with more clarity, interest and time across the MBU Timeline Media. MBU Timeline is not based in our website, but in the hearts of the staff and readers. We promise to do more. Missouri Baptist University is abundant with students, staff, alumni and faculty of excellence. These community members make a difference — something worth reading about. Our commitment is to write these stories.


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

— Benjamin Franklin

Coral Christopher

Coral Christopher, editor-in-chief of MBU Timeline, is a senior majoring in public relations and communication studies with minors in political science and journalism. Christopher recently led the rebranding and launch of the new site. When Christopher is not editing or writing, she interns for the University Communications office at Missouri Baptist University, keeping up with Washington, D.C., or pretending to be C.J. Cregg from “The West Wing.”


About MBU Timeline


Here are some interesting facts about MBU Timeline, the student newsmagazine of Missouri Baptist University, in St. Louis:
*Our mission statement is: MBU Timeline is the student news network of Missouri Baptist University, a private Christian university that embraces the essential core value of “social change through service and leadership.”
*The Bible verse that drives our mission is 2 Timothy 2:15 (Worldwide English Version): “Tell the true message in the right way.”
*The WordPress website has been up since late-fall 2013. We average about 3,000 sessions and about 5,000 pageviews per month.
*Our stories and galleries get as few as 40 or 50 hits, or as many as 8,000 hits.
*We have readers in every state and more than 90 countries around the world. We have several readers in South America, the United Kingdom, India and Australia.
*Most of our readers are in Missouri, followed by Illinois, California and Texas.
*We do not accept advertising as we are a not-for-profit online newsmagazine.
*We welcome contributors from all walks of MBU life, regardless of your major. Reach out to us on Twitter at: @mbutimeline.