With a healthy respect for how blessed they are to be working and studying in the United States of America, foreign exchange students bring a perspective and work ethic from which we can all benefit through understanding.




Foreign exchange students often bring insightful brilliance to the United States, they have ambitious, go-getting attitudes and their drive to succeed keeps them on the right path.

Osman Mohammed, native of Mogadishu, Somalia, works hard at Vatterott College in St. Louis and aims to be a role model in his city, striving for success through education.

“Vatterott College helps me find success and helps me find a career so I can contribute back to my community,” Mohammed said recently.

He lived in Somalia until he was 6 years old, then moved to the United States with his family.

“My father always said he moved here for us, that we would have a better chance at being successful in the United States,” said Mohammed.

He said he plans on finding success to make his father proud. Since his father blessed him by bringing him to this nation, he will repay him by developing from student to businessman.

“My goal is to find a good job, I want to be independent,” Mohammed said.

Another reason Mohammed came to the U.S. was so he could study in American schools.

“America has one of the best education systems in my opinion, we learn a lot here,” he said.

The American educational system provides opportunities for those encompassing all corners of the globe.

Mohammed is dedicated to success, working full time while studying in school, and he attributes his tenacious attitude to his inherited morals.

“Family helps keeps me motivated,” he said. “Pressure to succeed from other relatives keeps me focused.”

Mohammed is inspired to do well for the welfare of his family, maintaining a belief that foreign exchange students have a good chance at succeeding because of the inspiration they have from the economic situation back home.

“Somalia is a bad country, I am grateful to be in America, so that is why I work hard here. I do not want to go home. I am blessed here,” said Mohammed.

His future plan is going into electrical maintenance as he studies at Vatterott College during the day and works evenings as a valet at the Ball-Park Hilton.

“I want my day to be positive, no negatives, I want success to make my family proud, I want to find a good job in my field,” said Mohammed.

With his productivity and positive attitude, there is reason to believe his American dreams will come true, and he is earning it day by day.