A game of ladder jacks can combat stress and create friendships.

Release your inner child every Thursday after Chapel for some good old-fashioned fun.

Would you like to hang with friends, toss some washers and shed some stress between classes?

Come to the Quad from 12-3 p.m. every Thursday between now and fall break.

Kelly VanMarel, intramural director, runs the games every week.

“This is a new intramural event this year,” VanMarel said. Sept. 4 was the first day of lawn games. “We feel it brings a little life to campus and provides a fun break during the day.”

It could not be easier to stop by and play a few games including ladder jacks, washers and spike ball.

Because there is no registration or team organization required, students can drop by whenever they can.

“The lawn games are an exciting, fun way to have fellowship among students,” said Maxwell Wingate, junior mathematics major.

Students from across campus enjoy the games and stay as long as they can.

“My favorite lawn game is washers. These games are really fun and they let us get to know each other,” Samoan football player Henry Espenesa said.

The lawn games are a pleasant surprise to students and they are excited to play.

“I’ve never known they did these games. I’ll come again for sure,” said Haley Kaestner, freshman.

The fun is not exclusive to students, however, MBU’s campus minister also enjoys the games.

“This is fun but you need to YouTube lawn darts. Although these games aren’t as violent they are still fun and a great way to build community,” campus minister Jonathan White said.

No matter your schedule or commitments stop by the Quad and don’t be afraid to act like a kid again.

By Chelsea Gammon

Chelsea Gammon is a staff writer and editor for MBU Timeline. She is a senior double majoring in Journalism and Public Relations. Chelsea works part-time in the Special Events office on campus. In the spring she will be a public relations assistant for MBU’s University Communications Department. She previously enjoyed working with Timeline Broadcast. After graduation, Gammon plans to explore many opportunities and make a difference wherever she goes.