Missouri Baptist University’s students frequently engage in activities around MBU’s campus. One activity, in particular, is dodgeball. This spring semester brought together current students, alumni and staff to compete in a dodgeball tournament with many rounds.

The game of dodgeball can sometimes be quite an intense activity. Grant Karlas (front) and Alex Seyer (back) race to the line of dodgeballs in order to get an ample supply for their opposing teams. Photo by Jessica Kunkel


Picture this: Missouri Baptist University students, staff and alumni all join forces to compete in a friendly, yet heated, series of dodgeball games.

At MBU, dodgeball is played on a consistent basis, and the 2023 spring semester included a tournament full of laughter, concentration, competitiveness, speed, coordination and agility.

MBU students love to frequently compete in dodgeball games, but this tournament was unique because students were able to play with alumni and staff.

This particular dodgeball tournament took place on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, in the Carl and Deloris Petty Sports and Recreation Complex on campus.

Everyone who competed in these several rounds of dodgeball seemed to really enjoy themselves and laughed a lot at what was happening.

As the rounds progressed, more people began to join and play amongst their fellow friends and acquaintances.

MBU students enjoy using their athleticism to play with and against their friends in sporting events such as dodgeball tournaments.

If you are a student at MBU and are on campus during a dodgeball game or tournament, you should definitely join in and experience the fun, exciting adrenaline that occurs during MBU dodgeball games.

Keep an eye out for the next dodgeball game on MBU’s campus because they occur often and always bring a lot of happiness and laughter to everyone involved.

To get a glimpse of the excitement and competitiveness that ensues during these games, take a peek at the photos below.

— Dodge into the Competition Below —

2022 MBU Alumni Proleine Pierre and Dr. Megan Cottet, who is MBU’s Assistant Professor of Health & Sports Science, strategize a plan of attack on how to get their opponents out during MBU’s 2023 Dodgeball Tournament. Photo by Jessica Kunkel