As we make the final turn toward the home stretch of this painful election season, many voters are still wondering exactly how we got here. The barbs and accusations keep flying, mud continues being slung like never before in recent history, and policy discussions remain vague. In the final installment of our continuing series, our MBU Timeline bloggers write about these “Faulty Arguments” that are too often being sold — or attempted to be sold — as truth to an electorate that needs to be informed like never before.

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Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

On the same note, if you find yourself rolling your eyes at a claim, it’s probably for good reason.

Perhaps this year more than ever our presidential candidates are sounding like the Wizard of Oz; they will say anything to distract you from the proverbial man behind the curtain.

Using faulty logic to back political claims is common practice in the race to the White House.

Even the most politically averse individuals could cite plenty of examples from this election year, despite their best efforts to plug their ears and avert their eyes from the pseudo-patriotic madness.

One of the most well-known examples of this kind of faulty logic is Republican Donald Trump’s now-infamous wall.

Though some Americans have concerns about illegal immigration and a wall sounds like a viable solution, there are serious flaws in this concept, not the least of which would be the prohibitive cost with estimates being in the billions of dollars.

Besides considerations of cost, statistics show this kind of strict border control encourages more people to stay in the country illegally since they have less freedom of movement back and forth across the border.

Democrat Hillary Clinton may have a calmer delivery than Trump, but voters will also be able to find logical flaws in choice claims of hers as well.

Clinton has alluded to the presidency as “the last glass ceiling,” attempting to gain female voters on the premise of women’s solidarity.

However, even voters who want to put a special focus on women’s rights and gender equality in this election realize it’s a two-way street.

Certainly it would be absurd to say Trump should get the men’s vote because he’s a man.

By that logic the same goes for Clinton.

She should be judged by her merits as any candidate should, and gender should never be a deciding factor.

This year as you’re attempting to decipher the truth behind the claims, don’t hesitate to take pause, and don’t be afraid to question the man behind the curtain.

For the Undecided Voter


The 2016 Presidential Election has attracted more attention to the world of politics than ever before.

In a recent  NPR article by freelance journalist Merrit Kennedy, an estimated 84 million people tuned in for the first 2016 Presidential Debate making it the most-watched debate in history.

Individuals who never seemed to care about politics are jumping on the bandwagon of excitement and hilarity.

However, even with all the excitement, there are still a few people who have yet to decide on their political stance this season.

Now I have never been into politics whatsoever. It is a little sad to say, but even now I am a little unfazed.

Regardless, I do feel a need to vote. Voting is an important right that everyone should actively use.

So as the presidential election nears, it’s time for me and other fellow undecided voters to start making some decisions.

But where do people even begin?

An easier question would be where not to begin. Presidential commercials are by far some of the most degrading and cut-throat forms of advertising.

It is really amazing how easily statements and remarks can be taken out of context. Also, how many people believe them.

Political ads always feature a heroic and selfless presidential candidate while showing the viewer just how terrible of a person the opposing candidate is.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s ads are degrading and bash each other’s reputations while trying to make a point they are the candidate for the job.

Within Clinton’s ad campaign titled, “Mirrors,” several body-shaming statements made by Trump are put back-to-back to emphasize a negative persona.

Although in Trump’s ad titled, “Deplorables,” Clinton is seen bashing Trump supporters.

The best thing to do is to inform yourself. Look for and talk to trusted sources and weigh your own values with those of the candidates involved.  

Then make a logical decision that you can live with if your candidate is elected to office. Making the choice can be hard yet this system keeps our government and country moving forward.

Trustworthy Presidential Candidates?


When it comes to politics I usually won’t get caught up in it, but this presidential race has to be one of the strangest in history.

With two candidates constantly being caught in their lies, it makes you wonder how either of them can be trusted to run a country.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be the two most hated presidential candidates in history.

Trump is constantly using faulty arguments during his campaign run.

Trump claims that the Obama-Clinton war on coal caused Michigan over 50,000 jobs but has no proof to back up his claim.

Another false claim that Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of is that she wants to raise taxes on African American-owned businesses by 50 percent.

Not only is Trump a liar, but he also faces criticism of being a racist.

People may think Trump is a racist because he wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico in order to keep illegal immigrants out.

Trump might not ideally be the guy to run this country but we also don’t know if Clinton can be trusted to run this country either. After all, the FBI has just reopened its investigation into the email scandal.

This presidential race will be one to remember, for all the wrong reasons.

The Christian Dilemma When Voting for Trump


The Grand Ole Party.

The champions of Christian and conservative values.

The coveted answer of the church and politics.

Is that still the case?

Donald Trump may support many of the political stances behind the conservative platform.

His political policies may even align with those demanded by the Christian faith.

But, my personal hang-up on Election Day will be that Trump does not embody the pinnacle value of a Christian walk.

Good people make the argument that as Christians we must position ourselves and leaders on the political frontline against abortion, same sex marriage and social issues that contradict with the Christian lifestyle.

Maybe in a dictatorship where I could craft the perfect society tuned perfectly to my beliefs I could find myself checking the Donald’s box, but that is not what I believe.

Nor is that the biggest issue with Donald Trump.

While the Bible says all sins are equal, it also gives a peek into what Jesus values to be the most important in the life of a Christian.

This is exposed when a Pharisee tries to test Jesus by asking,  “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

I hear the desires of fellow Christians wanting this Earth to be the utopia we all long for.

Unfortunately, I think we will have to wait until Heaven.

I do believe, though, when voting we have to value our liberties and freedoms to worship the God we choose.

We also have to keep Biblical priorities straight, which in my opinion is to hold the love of a person above their other decisions or positions.

Any value or belief held above that is, in my opinion, is not aligned with the values of Jesus.