A team of Missouri Baptist University student videographers set out across campus to capture the stories of faculty members who are closely connected to the university’s annual Faith and Research Conference, delving into questions about the overall purpose of the conference, different styles of research presentations we can expect at the conference, and the overall importance of this year’s theme, “Mental Health and the Wholeness of Creation.”

Communications students conduct interviews of faculty members in preparation for this week’s Faith and Research Conference, which runs Thursday, April 7, and Friday, April 8, in the Pitch Room of the Learning Center and the Performance Hall. Click here to read the full story of the Faith and Research Conference, with the Schedule of Presenters. Pictured in the left-side photo (left to right) are: Kamryn Bell, Dr. Jason Jordan, Kaylee Ascher and Jazz Terrell. Pictured in the right-side photo (left to right) are: Dr. Amy Harrison, Jazz Terrell, Kamryn Bell and Kaylee Ascher. Also working on the video project were: Christian Backa, McKenzie Sheehy, Austin Richards, Demingo Loggins and Alex Brown.       Photos and graphic by Dr. C. Allin Means


Dr. Timothy Delicath

Director, Office for Institutional Research and Assessment
Chair, Scholarship and Research Committee
Associate Professor of Educational Research

In this video Dr. Tim Delicath discusses his role as chair of the Scholarship and Research Committee, which includes the Faith and Research Conference as one of its primary undertakings during any given academic year. Delicath talks about the evolution of the Faith and Research Conference, from a small regional symposium to a full two-day conference with broader reach regionally, nationally and even internationally, and emphasizes the important of integrating rigorous academic research with the Christian faith on which MBU is built.

Dr. Jason Jordan

Assistant Professor of Counseling Education

In this video Dr. Jason Jordan discusses the relevance of this year’s Faith and Research Conference theme, “Mental Health and the Wholeness of Creation,” from the standpoint of an academic as well as a licensed professional counselor who deals with the mental health struggles of students in the classroom as well as those in various counseling settings. As we emerge precariously from COVID and the immense stress and anxieties brought by the pandemic, Dr. Jordan points out there is no better time in modern history to delve into topics of mental health than this year, during this conference, connecting scholarship to the healing power of an almighty God.

Dr. Amy Harrison

Director, Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership
Assistant Professor for Higher Education Leadership

In this video Dr. Amy Harrison discusses the value of non-traditional research presentations in a research conference like the Faith and Research Conference, intertwining qualitative and quantitative methodologies with the narrative of storytelling to not only deliver sound academic research but to also tell stories advocating for important causes that ultimately bring about positive change. All while, as Dr. Harrison states, “using the Gospel as our cornerstone.”

Professor Guy Danhoff

Assistant Professor of Health and Sports Sciences

Professor Guy Danhoff, finishing his doctoral degree while recently publishing a book, “Zagging: Building Advocacy Through Digital & Social Media,” discusses what the Faith and Research Conference means to him, not only as a published author and academic but also as a Christian colleague who values the conversations that emerge among students and faculty members who are presenting on the same level of rigor and scholarship in a setting that makes MBU’s Faith and Research Conference unique, relevant and important in the larger academic community.

Dr. Keith Beutler

Professor of History

Dr. Keith Beutler, who recently published a book, “George Washington’s Hair: How Early Americans Remembered the Founders,” discusses the importance of encouraging student involvement in the Faith and Research Conference at Missouri Baptist University, as well as the value of this year’s theme during these uncertain times, “Mental Health and the Wholeness of Creation.”



More Interesting Facts about
the Faith and Research Conference

♦ The F&R Conference is one of only a few research conferences in the world that remains free of charge and open to the public, with no registration fee required of presenters or attendees. The goal is to share research and Christian fellowship with the world.
♦ The F&R Conference is streaming live both days, Thursday, April 7, and Friday, April 8, from the Pitch Room of the Learning Center on the campus of Missouri Baptist University. You can tune in any time throughout the two days by clicking this ZOOM link.
♦ The F&R Conference is more than twice the size and scope from last year. Whereas last year’s conference covered one full day of presentations, this year the conference spans two full days, with twice the number of presenters. Click here to read the full story of this year’s conference, with the full Schedule of Presenters.
♦ The F&R Conference features a student research component in which students will be presenting their unique research on various topics throughout the day Friday, April 8, in the Performance Hall of the Dale Williams Fine Arts Center.