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2023 Illinois March for Life

The 2023 Illinois March for Life occurred in Springfield, IL on March 21, 2023. Originally held in Chicago, the event drew pro-life supporters from across the nation to march around the state capital on a cloudy, 40-degree day.

Volunteers for the Illinois March for Life held the banner in front of the Illinois state capitol building before stepping onto the street to lead the march around the capitol building. All photos by Isabel Rinkenberger

Running For My Life

Although it can be painful and miserable at times, running helps me clear my mind, focus my life, and connect with friends on days when my life feels out of control. During my college running career, I have practiced in different places around MBU’s main campus and made more memories than can be written.

The Missouri Baptist University women’s cross country team poses for a photo after a successful meet in Iowa, where they won the Mount Mercy Seminole Valley Stampede. They are, left to right: (front row) Mia Reed, Mattie Noyes, Adrienne Rockette and Nani Brewington; (middle row) Mikayla Ware, Maddie Sargent, Lillian Harris and Isabel Rinkenberger; (back row) Gracie Kopala, Vanessa Waidmann and Brooke Heberer. Photo by Mattie Noyes

Celebrating Christmas at MBU – 2022

With winter fast approaching and the air becoming crisper, jingle bells whisper in the wind as vibrant red and green colors begin to appear, meaning it must be getting close to Christmas time. This holiday season, MBU has put on a variety of activities and events throughout December leading up to Christmas break. Students had a blast participating in all the fun activities. Students who are a part of MBU’s Opinion Writing class also shared their favorite winter season foods as they look forward to spending time with friends and family during Christmas.

Every Christmas season, MBU’s Hanging of the Green takes place on the Quad. Each attendee is given a candle, which signifies the light of Jesus being born into the world and serves as a reminder for members of the MBU community to continue to “shine on” during the holidays as we are always reminded of the light of God that shines through us each day. All photos by Jessica Kunkel

Why Arcane Succeeds Where She-Hulk Fails

Although Arcane and She-Hulk differ in style and tone, they both aim to portray their respective female leads as strong characters worthy of audiences’ attention spans. However, Arcane accomplishes this task while She-Hulk fails, and the defining reason is found within the portrayal of their main characters.

She-Hulk (left) and Vi (right) are two strong female characters who are elevated in different ways within their respective shows. “Arcane” is on Netflix, while “She-Hulk” airs on Disney Plus. Photos courtesy of Marvel Studios and Riot Games

A Soundtrack for Senior Year

Music is my favorite way to break writer’s block, and my high school creative writing class is a testament to that with “Strangers” by Mt. Joy being the inspiration behind the protagonist of my short story.

High school represents a time when teens are trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be, and the creatures on Mt. Joy’s 2020 album “Rearrange Us” portray that through unique and strange designs. Creature designs by Steve Girard; Graphic created by Isabel Rinkenberger 


About MBU Timeline


Here are some interesting facts about MBU Timeline, the student newsmagazine of Missouri Baptist University, in St. Louis:
*Our mission statement is: MBU Timeline is the student news network of Missouri Baptist University, a private Christian university that embraces the essential core value of “social change through service and leadership.”
*The Bible verse that drives our mission is 2 Timothy 2:15 (Worldwide English Version): “Tell the true message in the right way.”
*The WordPress website has been up since late-fall 2013. We average about 3,000 sessions and about 5,000 pageviews per month.
*Our stories and galleries get as few as 40 or 50 hits, or as many as 8,000 hits.
*We have readers in every state and more than 90 countries around the world. We have several readers in South America, the United Kingdom, India and Australia.
*Most of our readers are in Missouri, followed by Illinois, California and Texas.
*We do not accept advertising as we are a not-for-profit online newsmagazine.
*We welcome contributors from all walks of MBU life, regardless of your major. Reach out to us on Twitter at: @mbutimeline.