As the United States settles in for the Trump presidency after the recent inauguration, MBU Timeline staffers share their thoughts regarding what they hope to see from the new administration as the years progress.

Graphic by MBU Timeline



The new year brings with it a plethora of fresh beginnings; some are new choices that we make and others are new experiences that are brought upon us as a result of external forces.

This January, not only did we look forward to a new year, but also a new president.

As President Trump takes office, he will have many expectations for his presidency. However, his most important duty, in my opinion, will be striving to unite a nation that is already deeply divided as a result of his election.

Although I do not agree with all of Trump’s opinions or political positions, I do hope that he is able to fulfill some of his seemingly impossible campaign promises – such as, his promise to stimulate new economic growth by bringing jobs back to America, reforming the tax code and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

President Trump must uphold the conservative values that he campaigned on, and which ultimately won him this office.

There is an enormous amount of pressure facing our newly elected president, but in the end what we need more than a president who can make economic and political reforms is a president who will act as a responsible, honest, balanced representative of our nation.

Finally, President Trump must become a president for all the people of the United States, regardless of race, religion or gender.



As President Donald Trump is now commander in chief of the United States of America, the Americans, as well as the rest of the world, are wondering what will become of the United States.

Trump has made promises such as an increase in jobs, decrease in immigrants, and to “Make America Great Again.”

While it is encouraging that American jobs lost to China and other large manufacturing nations are hopefully going to be brought back to the home front, it causes one to wonder what the United States will lose in Trump’s campaign to bring the country back to its roots.

The United States is a country that has always moved forward and fought through times of trial and adversity whether it has been an internal or external affair.

Will Trump’s presidency ultimately halt this progress and instead create a divide between brothers and sisters such as the Civil War did?

I highly doubt it. While so many Americans are extremely upset by Trump’s election, it is better to accept it and keep the mind open to new concepts.

The United States does not need to be made great again. It is already great and will continue to grow greater as long as citizens from all over the country continue to work for the changes they believe push the United States forward, so that it is able to compete with the rest of the world economically, educationally and socially.  



I believe as Donald J. Trump takes office, it will be interesting to see how a non-politician will run the country as a business man and not a sold-out puppet.

Trump is a fearless, strong-minded individual who does not care about other people’s opinions about him, so I think that will help him not be a wishy-washy president.

I am interested to find out how Trump will maintain foreign relations with Israel, Russia and other powers.

I am expecting Trump to stand for all constitutional amendments and rights of Americans.

I believe that his “closed borders” policy is a huge step in the right direction.

After less than a week in office, President Trump had already been very busy repealing previous policies put into effect by President Obama and doing all the things he promised he would.



As Donald Trump comes into office so does a new era.

Although there is much speculation over the new president, I believe there is reason for our nation to be optimistic about the new changes to come.

Being a Republican myself, I agree on more major political issues with Trump than I do Obama.

For example, Trump is a pro-life advocate, more driven toward a capitalistic government, and is already making strides to create job opportunities for U.S. citizens.

It should also be noted that Trump has decided not to take the salary for his presidency.

Although Trump is known for his foul mouth and controversial comments, I believe that economically he will help put our nation back on track.


As America swore in a new president on Jan. 20, many are skeptical about President Trump and the promises he made during his campaign.

As a Christian, I was not impressed with President Trump while he was campaigning for president of the United States of America.

There were several instances during his campaign where he verbally attacked individuals because they did not see eye-to-eye with him.

While I may not approve of him, I do pray that President Trump succeeds during his time in office and that Americans come together and work to heal our nation.

I hope to see President Trump be kind and respectful to all people and apologize for anything he might say that is mean or offensive.

In addition, I hope to see individuals who do not agree with President Trump give him respect even if he does not show any to them.

At the end of the day, not everyone voted for President Trump, but we all need to support him during his time in office.



The very man who has the power to hold our country together, is also the very man who has the power to tear it apart.

As President Trump has been sworn into office and has already begun issuing executive orders, America remains hopeful that our newest president, and those surrounding him, will lead, protect and nourish our country.

I personally hope to see our president value and respect human life regardless of the shape that it may take.

I hope to see a man who will bear the weight of the presidency with as much humility as one can possess.

I look hopeful toward a president who will create a stronger economy that will withstand the trials of our generation.

Most of all, I hope that our president, despite those who might try to challenge him, will take a stand for what is right and create a country that is pleasing to God.

The most important thing that America could possibly remember during this time of transition is that the fate of our country does not rest simply on the shoulders of Donald J. Trump, but rather on every single citizen and how we choose to support our new found leader.



Our nation has sworn in the 45th United States president, Mr. Donald Trump, and he has officially gone to work.

Trump was quick to speak and slow to apologize throughout his campaign, making people either love him or hate him.

I hope to see — or rather hear — less negative talk from our president and more self control in his words and actions.

I hope that President Trump is able to earn back the respect of those he disregarded as unimportant and move forward in a way that shows he truly wants to “Make America Great.”

Trump may have done some severe damage to those he mistreated, but I desire to see growth and maturity throughout his time as president.



As we have sworn in Donald Trump as the newest United States president, there are many things people hope will happen, including changes that will take place and things which will stay the same.

In our new president I hope to see a continued drive to help the people of this nation and not forget or ignore all the promises he made during his campaign.

Another thing I hope to see as Trump serves his term in the most powerful office in our nation is the protection of the rights of all people, rather than the taking away of rights from one group just to give them to another group.

For example, in this nation we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech, which means we should be allowed to have our own religion and what we believe, and not get in trouble for defending it or standing up for it simply because someone else believes something else.

It is my hope to see Trump stand firm on those grounds and on recognizing that our great nation was founded on a Christian standpoint and will only continue to be great by following the God who allowed us to become one of the greatest nations in the world, not rejecting Him.