As the United States settles in for the Trump presidency after the recent inauguration, MBU Timeline staffers share their thoughts regarding what they hope to see from the new administration as the years progress.

 Graphic by MBU Timeline staff



When “Inauguration Day” slowly turns into “Doomsday” reactions from portions of the country, all we can do is look ahead hopeful.

We can look ahead hopeful for the economy of our country.

We can look ahead hopeful for unity despite fears of division.

We can take action ourselves toward causes instead of merely pointing our finger at problems.

We can choose to rise above the fear and live life full of hope, unity and love because love is what unifies a country.

As I look forward in hope, I am grateful Trump is not the King of Kings or Lord of Lords.

My King of Kings is not of this world, and knowing He reigns over all, I can look forward in hope.



As Donald Trump takes office I hope to see wisdom and selflessness.

Although his track record would say otherwise, I hope that he will be a humble leader who will put the good of the country before his desires.

For the Judicial branch, I hope that he will nominate judges to the Supreme Court who will abide by the Constitution and maintain religious freedom.

I would like to see strength with restraint in the way he handles foreign policy.

I would be satisfied with a Trump presidency that protects freedom, aligns with the Constitution and promotes the long-term good of the people and the nation.



As we have sworn in Donald Trump as the newest United States president, there are many things people hope will happen, including changes that will take place and things which will stay the same.

In our new president I hope to see a continued drive to help the people of this nation and not forget or ignore all the promises he made during his campaign.

Another thing I hope to see as Trump serves his term in the most powerful office in our nation is the protection of the rights of all people, rather than the taking away of rights from one group just to give them to another group.

For example, in this nation we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech, which means we should be allowed to have our own religion and what we believe, and not get in trouble for defending it or standing up for it simply because someone else believes something else.

It is my hope to see Trump stand firm on those grounds and on recognizing that our great nation was founded on a Christian standpoint and will only continue to be great by following the God who allowed us to become one of the greatest nations in the world, not rejecting Him.



President Donald Trump reached the end of a campaign trail surrounded by controversy, and now he’s officially in the White House.

Some love his policies and his attitude and some despise them, but regardless, he was sworn in as our president and now he’s going to work.

Our president has promised “greatness,” whatever that may mean.

Hopefully that doesn’t mean seeing cuts in public programs and tightening regulations on immigration laws.

Ideally, it would mean a boost in the economy and seeing more jobs in America, what some economists are calling the “Trump bump.”

Regardless of how one may feel about President Trump, he seems to be taking the cabinet selection process seriously, with some promising candidates lined up.

His cabinet candidates seem like strong people with business sense. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean a negative impact on environmental awareness and assistance within the government.


As cheesy as it sounds, I really do want to see America become great again.

The topic of lowering our country’s taxes has been one of the biggest focuses in Trump’s campaign.

Since I have begun working the past three years, I have seen the effects that taxes have on individuals and especially businesses.

Therefore, I want to see the progression of taxes improve.

As a strong believer in Jesus Christ and The Gospel, I have been taught how important it is for Israel to be protected and supported.

I hope to see Trump surrender himself fully to God so we can begin the process of getting this country back on the track that God intended, which includes partnering with Israel again.



Pinch yourself if you must, but the nightmare for some and dream come true for others has become a reality, Donald Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States.

Fear grips the hearts of many Americans while hopes of restoration and forward progress overcome others, but what should truly be expected of Donald Trump?

I believe the latter should be anticipated.

The United States needs a leader who can get the country back on track, and while Trump does and says some outlandish things, he’s a symbol of hope.

A hope in a brighter future where our nation’s debt dwindles away.

One where small businesses thrive and jobs continue to be created, one where the U.S. people are proud to work for the food they put on the table because of the opportunity and advancement this country offers.

My hope is that four years from now, whether you like President Trump or not, the Liberals and Conservatives alike would step back and see an America made great again, proud of the work the nation is doing, even if they’re not proud of the face behind the work.



Friday, Jan. 20, turned the page on an eight-year chapter in America, as Obama made his exit from the presidency and Trump was sworn in.

For many, it is an “About time” moment. For many others, the moment is not bitter-sweet, but just bitter.

I would not be so distraught for Obama leaving office were his successor a bit more qualified, less impetuous, and handled himself more professionally.

However, it remains to be seen whether or not Trump can cause more help than harm in hot-button issues, including foreign relations, racial profiling, police brutality, the LGBT movement and the feminist movement.

Based on what I have seen from the president so far, I believe that he will be tremendously unproductive in the plight of these particular groups and movements, and his rash nature may cause yet another war.



As president-elect Trump has now officially become President Trump, some people hope he changes some of his ways.

One thing that Trump may want to improve on if he plans on being an effective president is acting more on what he says he will do.

One example of this is that before he was elected president, he has gone back and forth about keeping parts of ObamaCare.

He seemed to be indecisive about this topic.

He could also become more popular if he were to describe how he plans to accomplish some of his plans, like getting Mexico to pay for the wall he plans to build.

Sometimes the way Trump expresses his thoughts can be very offensive to people. He could gain more supporters if he were to express his thoughts with more sensitivity.