In light of Tuesday’s presidential election, MBU Timeline’s Basic Reporting and Writing for Journalism class conducted spot interviews asking students and faculty around the main campus either, “What is something you want to say to our next president?” or “What problem areas would you like to see our next president focus on?” These are their responses. 

11-1-16prezquestionGraphic by MBU Timeline



 CLAYCE FLETCHER, junior, human services major

“I’d say, Who do you think you’re kidding? Both of them are extremely ignorant, they keep saying things but no one really knows what the truth is. So I’d say, Who do you think you’re kidding? Because they’re not kidding anyone.”

“Since I’m a Christian I’d like to see Christian values reinstated, but that’s pretty broad, so one actual tangible thing that could be helped would be the focus on abortion, I’d like to see this problem fixed.”



 KRISTA HUSE, administrative assistant to senior vice president for student development

“I would like to see our nation kind of go back to some of the basic biblical principles our nation was founded on. … I think we’ve come away from that as far as just not being as conservative. Anything goes it seems like these days. I like to see us to remember that we were a nation built under God’s principles. I think now … I feel like everyone has a voice in this nation except for Christians. It seems like we’re very ridiculed by what we have to say but when somebody else speaks or gives their opinion it’s OK but we come across as judgmental. Remember who our founding fathers were, remember the nation built on God’s principles. … They’re taking out where it says ‘in this nation under God’ and that really matters to me because it feels like we’re coming to an age where we are going to be persecuted for what we believe in. Listen to what the people have to say.”


ZACH OGG,  freshman, human services major

“Listen to what the people have to say, rather than what they think is best.”

“I’d like to see better treatment of the troops, better benefits. I know VA hospitals, a lot of people go in there but nothing’s ever done, they need better health support throughout their lifetime because they’ve been serving and putting their life on the line for that, but then they come back and have nothing.”


 ANDREW KYLE, senior, sports management major

“Live up to the promises you made in your campaigns. … Try to be accountable for what you’ve said. Prove to us that we made the right choice in electing you.”

“I’d like to see them either working on reducing spending and cutting the deficit, or creating jobs.”


 HALEY BIRKNER, junior, psychology major

“It depends on the candidate. I really don’t care for either of them. I think they’re terrible people. I am fearful for our country. … If it were Hillary, I would say something that she doesn’t protect the right of babies in the womb and she doesn’t protect life itself. She’s not pro-life. For Trump … honestly, I would want to share Jesus with them. They obviously don’t know him and if they did, things would be looking a lot different right now. They’re still created by God and they’re still loved by him and I need to  treat them like that.” 


 LARA HINES, director of student activities

“Please get right with God. Let him be the guide and dictator of your life before you make major decisions for our country. I just want the person to truly be making the decisions based on God’s will. I think if that is first and foremost part of their life, then it will work out. We need to pray for our country and our leaders. In every capacity … we need to pray for people and that God will protect us and lead us in the right direction. To me, there’s lot of people and problems we can be concerned with but the bottom line is that I trust God will take care of his people. I can try to do his will and the rest will take care of itself. That’s what I constantly preach to myself. I try to take my advice and his advice.”


DANIELLE McCRORY, junior, human services major

“Don’t mess things up. No pressure. And try to do something about the financial situation that will not get us in more debt.”

“Do what is morally right. Both of them have a lot to work on in that area. Don’t be a criminal and be respectful.”


 SHANNON McANDREW, junior, biochemistry major

“Please fix the problems in America. Like the racial divides. I feel like there are a lot of race issues just because people don’t want to talk about them.”