Beauty and Ball

The art of hairstyling requires a unique skillset, as does the game of basketball. Each of these interests are challenging in their own ways, but very different. I am here to tell you how, when put together, they create a well rounded person.


Graphic by Spencer Randolph


“Cosmetology and basketball? That’s an odd combo.”

This used to be the response I got from people when I told them my two passions.

At 4-years-old I was not only known for my chubby cheeks and the ability to cry on command, but also for my love of all things hair.

Doing hair was something I loved from the moment I got Pocahontas.

Yes you read correctly, Pocahontas was my head-and-shoulder doll perfect for ponytails, pigtails and all types of braids.

I carried her everywhere I went, and sometimes this included basketball practice.

As my love of hair and beauty blossomed so did my passion for basketball.

Sharing this interest with my dad, I developed an ever-evolving love for the game.

As I got older, I played for my high school and summer league teams, putting in many hours of practice and play.

I gained a deep desire to perfect my craft for college basketball.

Simultaneously, my excitement for hairstyling never died.

Whether I was braiding my hair tightly for basketball practice or staying up late on YouTube learning the newest styles and trends, I always made time for hair.

My heart had two loves equally: hairstyling and basketball.

Out of this, my goals in life became to earn a scholarship to play college basketball, and to one day own my own hair salon.

After high school, my first dream came to fruition. Thousands of hours of practice, games and sweat earned me a scholarship to play college basketball.

Excited and ready for the challenge, I focused on basketball for three years throughout college.

My passion for hairstyling was always there but on the back-burner as I pursued my athletic goals.

This said, I took every opportunity I could to stay connected with the cosmetology world.

While it wasn’t my main priority, it was always something I kept up with however I could.

I offered hairstyling and haircuts for friends and family as well as styling for local homecomings and proms in the area.

Fast forward to the present.

I am in my last semester of college. I will graduate in December with a degree in communication studies.

So what am I going to do from here?

I am ready to embark on my cosmetology journey. I will be attending hair school in January and I am very excited to earn my license and work my way up to owning a salon in the future.

My love for basketball and hair are what have helped me stay grounded throughout college.

The work ethic and physical endurance I gained from basketball, as well as the creativity involved in learning and practicing hair, have helped shape me into a balanced person.

So, as I begin my tour through the hair industry, I always take time to shoot some jump shots along the way.

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Spencer Randolph

Spencer Randolph

Spencer Randolph is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline, majoring in communications. She is a member of the women’s basketball family, a server at Red Robin in Des Peres, and a part-time nanny. She looks forward to putting her communication career to work and eventually owning her own business.


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