Missouri Baptist University junior Alise Grogg faces multiple challenges in her life while balancing school, relationships and her passion for ice skating. Although times can be overwhelming, in this video story she reflects on what is most important to her and the positive impact it has made.

Alise Grogg performs the ending pose of the short program with her Synergy Junior team at the 2020 USFS Synchronized Championship in Providence, Rhode Island. She and her team finished their short program with a score of 53.33, then performed the long program and received a 91.25, making the combined total 144.58.     Photo by Taylor Hopkins

For the past 19 years Alise Grogg has been growing her love and skill set on the ice. Grogg has always looked up to her sister Erica when it came to ice and synchronized skating.

Through the years she has transitioned from Synchro St. Louis for 12 years to Synergy for the past three years. Her love for skating continued, but as she got older and had to pick up more responsibilities, she had no choice but to re-evaluate her daily schedule.

As Grogg entered her junior year, she has started her first year at nursing school which became a new priority in her life. However, skating continues to be just as important.

Her commitment toward skating has allowed her to learn many lessons in life, such as never giving up and staying true to herself. As long as there is an ice rink nearby, Grogg plans on continuing her passion.

By Kamryn Bell

Kamryn Bell is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. In addition to majoring in broadcast media and minoring in criminal justice, Bell balances her time with the MBU lacrosse team. After graduation, she hopes to work in forensic photography and work to edit crime documentaries.