American fascination with English royalty proves that fairytales are not only for children.


The United States of America – known for the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, slavery, freedom, democracy and Civil Rights.

Great Britain – known for parliament, world trade, alliance with the USA and the royal family.
For many generations, American women have been enchanted by the English throne.

Diana, the People’s Princess, won the heart of the world when she married Prince Charles in 1981 at the tender age of 20.

Kate Middleton, college sweetheart to Prince William, rekindled romance for the monarchy when she tied the knot in 2011 at age 29.

In a study by AOL, 86 percent of British women did not care about William and Kate’s wedding, whereas 50 percent of American women stayed up to watch the event.

Why are people, particularly American women, so enthralled by the royal family?

1. So Close but So Far

Due to America’s original relationship with Britain, some citizens trace their heritage back to Great Britain or Europe in general.

Living in a democracy, however, allows Americans to fantasize about the monarchy without experiencing its effects.

Some disadvantages of the constitutional monarchy prevalent in Britain are a lack of democratic accountability and an expensive royal family.

2. The Marriage of Old and New

According to this LA Times Arts and Entertainment piece by Yvonne Villarreal, several British television shows have received lavish success in the U.S.

In 2014, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman won Emmys for best actor and best supporting actor in the BBC series “Sherlock.”

Although not ultimately chosen, “Downton Abbey”received several Emmy nominations for Michelle Dockery, Dame Maggie Smith, Joanne Froggart and Jim Carter.

Villarreal ties the American success of “Downton Abbey,” “Sherlock” and other shows directly to the fame surrounding William and Kate.

Royal life combines the legacy of the past with progress of the future to produce a modern fairytale.

3. Integrity > Drama

The spectacular wedding of William and Kate continually reminds Americans of the reverence and honor surrounding the throne.

William and Kate are not simply an adorable couple, they clearly understand the magnificent responsibility riding on their shoulders.

In American culture, many television shows and tabloids follow the crazed, dysfunctional lives of celebrities made famous by a movie or TV show.

To Americans, British royalty must manage world commerce, Parliamentary decisions and the welfare of their people.

By comparison, the integrity of the throne is a beacon of honor.

4. Escape

Why not let your mind wander in a far-away fairytale?

Why not take a moment to imagine yourself in a Disney movie?

Life is hard, bills must be paid and jobs must get done.

The royal following invites princesses from all generations to climb their imaginary palace towers and ponder, if only for a moment, the wonder of the throne.

By Chelsea Gammon

Chelsea Gammon is a staff writer and editor for MBU Timeline. She is a senior double majoring in Journalism and Public Relations. Chelsea works part-time in the Special Events office on campus. In the spring she will be a public relations assistant for MBU’s University Communications Department. She previously enjoyed working with Timeline Broadcast. After graduation, Gammon plans to explore many opportunities and make a difference wherever she goes.