We’ve all heard the traditional advice for college students, like how to budget money or get enough sleep, but this piece shares the truth of what to expect from your years at college.



When making the transition from high school into college, it seems like everyone has advice to give. It’s usually something like “don’t skip class” or “don’t forget to call you mom.”

What they don’t tell you is all the many reasons why you won’t take their generous advice.

Here are 10 things you should expect throughout your college years:

1. You will skip class.

You’ll tell yourself you won’t, but skipping class will become so tempting you can’t resist.

You will find something better to do or make up a pathetic excuse like “I don’t feel well” or “I’ll just skip this once, it’ll be fine.”

To be completely honest, the main reason for skipping a class will be to catch up on homework for a different class.

It seems ridiculous, but trust me, it will happen.

2. You will either avoid calling your parents or call them more than you should.

Parents will be parents. They will call often just to see how you’re doing and tell you they miss you.

After a month or so into the semester you will want to avoid the questions of how you’re keeping up with your school work, your grades or your eating habits because you won’t want to admit that you often have a bag of chips as a meal and that you’re having to convince yourself not to drop out of school every night.

However, when you’re sick you won’t hesitate to call them to make a doctor’s appointment for you.

3. You will spend way too much money.

College is expensive.

Even with a part-time job, your check will seem to disappear right before your eyes.

A majority of it will be spent on food.

Your parents won’t be around to talk you out of your purchases, but your friends will be with you to convince you that you NEED those new shoes to go with that new top you bought last time you went shopping and spent half your paycheck.

After a rough week of studying and writing papers you will decide a trip to the nail salon is just what you need to relieve some stress (and it’s totally worth it).

4. You will watch too much Netflix.

What college student doesn’t watch Netflix?

If you don’t have an account, you will know someone who does and they will become your best friend.

Your free time will be spent binge watching one TV series after another. Everyone does it, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

5. You will eat more junk food than you should.

Junk food is cheap, which is all you can afford.

Stopping by the vending machine or the bookstore on campus will be a part of your daily routine.

A bag of Ramen and a can of Arizona tea is a $2 lunch and isn’t the worst meal you could have chosen.

6. You will not put much effort into your #ootd.

You will quickly realize the time and effort it takes to look presentable in the morning is not worth the time and effort at all.

Thirty extra minutes of sleep will be more of a priority than your hair or eyebrows being on point.

Some days you might not even care if your shoes match your outfit because at least they are comfy.

T-shirts and yoga pants are not only the best and most comfortable option, they also conveniently go in the same load of laundry.

7. You will put things off until the last minute.

Procrastination will have an entirely new meaning when you have so many things to do at once that you decide to do none of them at all until you absolutely have to.

It takes talent to finish a 10-page paper the night before it’s due.

After many tears and several breakdowns, you will promise yourself you won’t put off doing homework until the last minute ever again, but you will.

8. You won’t go to bed at a decent time every night.

You will be living with all your friends and every night is basically a sleep over.

When you’re not staying up late doing homework, you’re out exploring, watching Netflix or gossiping until 3 in the morning.

9. You will become a pro at getting ready to go in no time.

You will perfect the art of making yesterday’s hair and makeup not look like yesterday’s hair and makeup.

You’ll tell yourself that no one will be able to tell that you slept in the outfit you decided to wear to your morning class and you might be right, sometimes.

10. You will make some amazing friends and memories. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make friends at college.

There is a bigger variety of personalities than high school and it gives you a chance to decide for yourself where you want to fit in.

More opportunities will be available to you and if you take advantage of them, that’s when the memories are made.

Now that I have shared with you the facts about what you will go through in college, you can keep these 10 things in mind as others try to tell you differently.

Make the most of these experiences because they will also be life lessons that you can then pass on to others.

By Holly Flieg

Holly Flieg is a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. She is a public relations major from Ste. Genevieve, Mo. After graduation, Flieg plans to pursue a career as an event coordinator.