Apple recently introduced its new iPhone 6 lineup, with one sleeker, one jumbo sized and both including the option for consumer payment. But was all that hype really worth it?

Photo by: Donovan Correll

Photo by: Donovan Correll


In this review I will be focusing primarily on the new iPhone, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, which Apple announced last month at its annual shareholders meeting.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have a Retina display that offers new clarity to your phone’s screen.

iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display while the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch display, which surpasses that of the iPhone 5’s set at 4 inches.

Here is some info on the displays compared:

DISPLAY 5s 6 6 Plus
Physical size 4.0 inches 4.7 inches 5.5 inches
Resolution 640 x 1136 pixels 750 x 1334 pixels 1080 x 1920 pixels
Pixel density 326 ppi 326 ppi 401 ppi
Colors 16,777,216 16,777,216 16,777,216

The larger screen and higher quality resolution has been a key attribute that most consumers want in their new phone.

Apple has finally delivered both aspects by introducing the iPhone 6 and its counterpart.

The iPhones also feature a new chip, the A8 with M8 coprocessor, which will bring a 25 percent increase in processing compared to the iPhone 5s.

Here are the system stats for the new processing power:

HARDWARE 5s 6 6 Plus
System chip Apple A7 Apple A8 Apple A8
Processor Dual core, 1300 MHz, 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit
Graphics processor PowerVR G6430 N/A N/A
System memory 1024 MB RAM N/A N/A
Largest built-in storage 64 GB 128 GB 128 GB

The company bragged about how the processing power will allow for games like Vainglory to be played with ease on the new iPhone.

I do not usually play games on my phone but the ones that I do choose to play are only puzzle and strategy games.

With new apps on the way one may wonder how large they will be.

Apple will offer a maximum of 128 gigabytes, which offers plenty of space for more photos, videos and apps.

Along with all the new processing chips and storage space your phone is going to need a better battery to compensate.

The battery life on both models are somewhat greater than the previous installment, the iPhone 5s, but not very awe inspiring.

Here are the details on the battery:

BATTERY 5s 6 6 Plus
Stand-by time 10.0 days (240 hours) 10.0 days (240 hours) 16.0 days (384 hours)
Talk time (3G) 10.00 hours 14.00 hours 24.00 hours
Stand-by time (3G) 10.4 days (250 hours) N/A N/A
Music playback 40.00 hours 50.00 hours 80.00 hours
Video playback 10.00 hours 11.00 hours 14.00 hours
Capacity 1570 mAh 1800 mAh 2915 mAh

Apple’s new slogan, “Bigger than bigger,” doesn’t really measure up.

When learning about the new lineup for Apple I was underwhelmed.

Apple didn’t really bring anything vastly significant to the table during its conference.

The conference seemed to be Apple’s way of saying we’re catching up with Samsung and their devices.

Look at the information for yourself and see that Apple is only offering a slight improvement.

I am a big supporter of Apple and was vastly disappointed with their newest additions.

By Donovan Correll

Donovan Correll, a junior Communication Studies major, is a staff writer for MBU Timeline and reporter/anchor for MBU Timeline-Broadcast.