Style doesn’t always mean dressing in the latest trends. Individuality is the new black. These 10 Spartans know the importance of dressing like themselves, not dressing like Kim K or Usher.


Photo Illustration and Photos by: Chelsie Bartley


Pastel shorts, Flannel shirts and being exactly who you are. These are just a few of the aspects of fashion that these 10 stylish Spartans epitomize. I set out to find some of the people here at MBU who exemplified their own style by dressing to express. These Spartans know what it means to have a great sense of style and a healthy outlook on their appearance.


Damani Hanks

Music, Sophomore


After moving to St. Louis from Springfield, Md., Hanks came to MBU searching for a Christian environment and a place where he could just be himself. Now majoring in music, Hanks hopes to join a symphony and, someday, write music for movies. He believes that his background in art has shaped his style point of view and has given him the confidence to be himself. If you see him walking around campus with one of his classic bow-ties, don’t be afraid to say “hello.” Damani is one of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet.

Style Perspective: “It’s in between like Hipster and London-esque. I like learning a lot from people like David Beckham.”

Style Icon: Kanye West

Signature Piece of Clothing: “Jean jackets and jean shirts. Cause you can do so much with them.”

Biggest Style Mistake: “None. I’m thankful for my mom for that. She always stops me before I leave the house.”

Influences: “I was really big into the arts when I was little, like I am now, and it helps in a lot of areas. So I think just having a great background in art will help you dress better.”

How They’re Involved at MBU: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band and Small Ensemble, “and I guess waving at people that I don’t know.”


Holland Doherty

Theatre, Senior


Petite in real life, Doherty is not so small on the stage. After gracing the stage multiple times this year and stealing the show, she can also turn heads with her unique sense of style. A mix of trendy and vintage, Doherty gains style inspiration from old family photos and past decades. After graduating, she hopes to earn a master’s degree so she can teach and also pursue her dream of performing.

Style Perspective: “I would say that it’s kind of a mix of everything. I really like to shop in regular stores at the mall but I also shop at thrift stores. So it’s kind of a mix of old and new and I love to find new things. I, a lot of times, tell people that I like to find something that no one else would wear and then try to wear it.”

Favorite Place to Shop: Cato, Value Village

Favorite Spring Fashion: “Dresses. I love anything with flowers on it. Floral dresses are my favorite.”

Favorite Trend: “Probably right now it’s the whole ’90s thing coming back. I love flannels. It’s kind of sad that winter is ending because they’re not as in fashion right now.”

Signature Piece of Clothing: Maxi Skirts

How They’re Involved at MBU: “If it involves the theatre, I’m in it, I’m doing something. I’m either onstage or backstage and that takes up a lot of time.”


Michael Slaughter

Christian Studies, Sophomore


The first thing that comes to mind when trying to describe Mike Slaughter is, the typical boy-next-door. He’s got a wide smile and a friendly disposition and his style makes him very approachable. Spending most of his time in Levi’s and a plain V-neck T-shirt, Slaughter’s style is minimal and pretty standard for the average college guy. When he’s not working at the Perk, he’s probably off learning something new or spending time with his family.

Style Perspective: “I guess a mixture between skater and like old-man-lumberjack.”

Style Icon: Ryan Gosling. “I don’t know what he wears but he’s attractive.”

Favorite Places to Shop: Eddie Bauer and American Eagle

Biggest Style Mistake: “I made a lot of haircut mistakes in the past. My parents always told me, ‘You don’t want to cut your hair like that.’ I guess they weren’t really mistakes as much as they were like, the way that I wanted to wear my hair. I cut my hair one year where it was shorter on the sides but then I kept it kind of long on top. So I basically had like a mullet/mohawk.”

Favorite Spring Fashion: Raincoats

How They’re Involved at MBU: Ministerial Alliance, Resident Life, The Perk


Kyesha Quarterman

Business Management, Senior


One thing can be certain about Kyesha Quarterman: she is on the fast track for success. With an impressive resume and so many leadership roles here on campus, she will have no problem achieving whatever she puts her mind to. Her high fashion and professional wardrobe will definitely help in her endeavors. Being passionate about beauty, Quarterman first obtained her cosmetology certificate before coming to MBU to obtain her business management degree. She is easily one of the most polished and businesslike Spartans.

Style Perspective: “I’m a mix between styles because as a former basketball player I would have to be in sweats and hoodies and just make sure my hair looks nice or a nice hat or something. Or, if I’m dressing up, it would be a cross between like, chic and boho.”

Favorite Place to Shop: Plato’s Closet, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal. “I always go straight to clearance. I’m a coupon-er and I get all the text messages.”

Favorite Spring Fashion: High-waisted skirts, sundresses.

Biggest Style Mistake: “Not knowing my body. Because sometimes I see a really cute shirt and I’m like, ‘Oh that’s nice,’ but my arms are still kinda big. So it’s like, if I try to wear it, I’m still uncomfortable during the day. So that’s why I always do the jackets.”

Style Evolution: “I went from like double-collared shirts with like, different colored belts, big bangles on my arms and big necklaces. … It evolved into this type of like boho/chic, where I wear more high-waisted and solid colors and if I did do like a floral print, it would be in like my jacket or shoes.”

How They’re Involved at MBU: Student Activities, Career Services, Enactus-President, Student Government-Senator, Association of Black Collegians-Vice President


David Long Jr.

Communications, Senior


There are few 22-year-old college guys who understand the importance of a good suit. David Long is one of them. Noting that his style has acquired an element of professionalism over the years, he still keeps it light with the occasional coral pair of shorts and boat shoes. His first love will always be golf and having the opportunity to turn professional after graduation has been a dream come true. His style reflects the laid-back atmosphere of a golf-course and the class of a true professional.

Style Perspective: “Country Club-y. I grew up on a golf course so, there has been no sweatpants wearing, it’s always been khakis and all the stuff like that. Also, the whole Greek life/fraternity kind of life, being out on the water, on the lakes and stuff.”

Style Icon: “Probably the old, 65-year-old men on the golf course because we all wear the same thing.”

Favorite Spring Fashion: Easter colors.

Favorite Trend: “Suits. I’m a big fan of, not a three-piece suit, or a bow-tie or anything, just a nice dress shirt, a nice tie and a nice jacket that’s tailored to fit you. After getting a couple tailored pieces of clothing, I’ve started loving how it fits and how it looks.”

Style Evolution: “Well, I probably matured a lot, as in, I used to have earrings. But I grew out of that and grew into a professional.”

How They’re Involved at MBU: PR Chair for Circle K, Staff Journalist for MBU Timeline, Founding President of Phi Lambda Phi Gamma, the first MBU fraternity


Mary Kate Walton

Music Ministry, Senior


You’ve probably seen her on stage at Chapel, leading worship. Mary Kate Walton is more than a beautiful voice. Growing up in Crystal City, Mo., she knows the value of a kind word and Godly advice. When she’s not balancing school and her internship, Walton enjoys watching “Harry Potter,” taking videos, playing her ukulele and learning German. Her eclectic tastes surpass her hobbies and influence her style. This quirky music ministry major is not afraid to be herself.

Style Perspective: “Based on my mood, I feel like I have a lot of different styles that I wear, but one day I’ll try to be more classic, I love the vintage look. Other days I’ll try to be more hipster-y, you know, it just depends on my mood.”

Signature Piece of Clothing: “My Deathly Hallows earrings because they rep the ‘HP’.”

Favorite Spring Fashion: Brightly patterned and colored skirts.

Biggest Style Mistake:” My haircut in my awkward stage because it was short and I had a chunky face.”

Style Evolution: “I’ve just grown out of the Aeropostale phase. Lately I’ve been trying to dress more professionally but still in a casual sort of way. I think I’ve gotten more feminine in my taste.”

How They’re Involved at MBU: Choir, Spiritwing (Ministry Groups), Resident Life


Chad Otec

Communication Studies, Junior


He might not be a member of every club on campus, but he’s definitely a friendly and familiar face at MBU. Growing up in Crystal City, Mo., Chad Otec was pretty concentrated on the next best piece of athletic apparel. After coming to MBU and getting closer to graduation, he has changed his style to be more professional. He’s not afraid to make bold style choices and sees himself as more of a trend setter than a follower.

Style Perspective: “People say it’s kind of like Hipster a little bit. I don’t know, sometimes it’s preppy a little bit. Sometimes I’ll have practice or workouts so I’ll just put on whatever.”

Style Icons: Justin Bieber, One Direction, Xabi Alonso, David Beckham

Trend They Hate: “I think you should wear whatever you like. Whatever fits you. Some people can pull off some looks and other people can’t.”

Biggest Style Mistake:” I like trying different things out whether it be good or bad. I have a pair of like, Toms boots that are a winter shoe and you can like pull them down and buckle them and they’re furry. I was like, ‘One day I’m gonna fold them down and see what people think.’ All my friends were like, ‘That looks awful,’ and I was like, ‘OK.’ You’ve got to try it to know and then maybe you can start a trend or something.”

Style Evolution: “In high school it was like what’s the coolest Nike gear I can get. Now it’s like, I want stuff I can wear if I have to go to an interview or something like that.”

How They’re Involved at MBU: Soccer, Intramurals


Valaree Logan

Psychology, Sophomore


We should all take a page out of Valaree Logan’s style book. She knows exactly who she is and what style means to her. With a straightforward honesty regarding her style philosophy, she’s able to wear whatever she wants proudly and confidently. As an RA in North Hall, Logan enjoys watching vlogs on YouTube and cooking and joked, “I feel like I lost my hobbies when I became a RA.” Logan is a sweet southern girl from Hampton, Ga., and her style expresses her boldness and enthusiasm for life.

Style Perspective: “I wouldn’t say my style has a name. I dress to express not impress and so like it just depends on how I’m feeling. If I wake up and I want to dress up, then that’s what I do and if I don’t, I wear hoodies and shorts. It’s simple but expressive.”

Favorite Place to Shop: Goodwill, Forever 21, thrift shops

Favorite Spring Fashion: “Cardigans and sandals, because sandals are as close to being barefoot as I can get without actually being barefoot. I would rather go barefoot in the springtime but sandals are as close as I can get without people judging me.”

Trend They Hate: “I hate when you cut your jeans into capris or shorts. Oh my goodness, that’s something that’s really trendy right now and I hate it so much.”

Biggest Style Mistake: “It was never anything that I wore, just the thought process. I always cared about what people would think if I wore this piece of clothing or if I wore these shoes and now that I’m an adult and I think differently. I would say I wear what I want to and what I like and what makes me feel beautiful.”

How They’re Involved at MBU: Resident Life, working in Public Safety, MBU Institute for Leadership


Allen Berryman

Musical Theatre, Senior


Quirky, fun and crazy talented, Allen Berryman is not ashamed of being exactly who he is. Growing up in small Warrenton, Mo., Berryman has come a long way from this tiny town. He has big dreams about performing and won’t let anything stop him from achieving those dreams. Joking that he “only has three shows to get through before next year is done,” Berryman is on the fast track to success by putting himself out there.

Style Perspective: “Unique-Allen-Style, which is kind of like, quirky and colorful.”

Style Icon: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Favorite Spring Fashion: “I really liked the pastel-colored shorts that were coming back for the guys. They are kind of like, seventies-esque where they’re kind of higher to not too high where it’s weird.”

Biggest Style Mistake: “I bleached my hair … I bleached it hardcore.”

Style Evolution: “I actually think about what I wear now. In high school I tended to wear just T-shirts, and I still wear T-shirts now, but I like to dress up more and look my age.”

How they’re Involved at MBU: Theatre Department, Chamber Singers, Ringers, Student Activities


Rebe Rutledge

Journalism, Junior


Rebe Rutledge is one of the most active students on this campus. From establishing Circle K International to being actively involved in writing for MBU Timeline, she gets work done. There’s something to be said for knowing your style and Rutledge does. She even goes as far as to point out her cliche choice of wearing high-waisted shorts and kimonos. But cliche doesn’t mean a bad sense of style. This is obvious in Rutledge’s case. She knows her style and wears it proudly.

Style Perspective: “Comfortable. Like hipster meets sorority girl.”

Favorite Spring Fashion: Maxi skirts and sandals

Trend They Hate: “The stupid ginormous boots, the big clunky ones. I think they’re called Doc Martens. They’re so ugly, I hate them.”

Biggest Style Mistake: “Thinking that I looked good with really short hair. Also I wore a lime green dress with giant polka dots on it to my eighth grade dance. That was really hideous.”

Style Evolution: “I’ve gotten more comfortable with it. It’s not just, ‘Well everybody is wearing it so I have to.’ I wear whatever I want to wear because I like it and it makes me feel good. And I also try to not look like a hobo every day.”

How They’re Involved at MBU: President of Circle K International, Senator for Student Government Association, Timeline Broadcast, Staff Journalist for MBU Timeline



By Chelsie Bartley

Chelsie Bartley is the Creative Editor and a staff journalist for MBU Timeline. She majors in journalism. Chelsie is a student worker for the Office of Alumni Relations and is a Community Leader on campus. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in a non-profit doing events, marketing and design work. Apart from writing, she enjoys eating new foods, exploring St. Louis and being outdoors.