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Picture of Progress: From Mexico to MBU Grad to Manager

Sebastian Munoz became the Missouri Baptist University coffee shop manager by more than simply applying for a job. The journey Munoz embarked on includes marriage, immigration and a college degree.

Photo by Matt Williams    

Sebastian Munoz meets with an employee inside thePerk coffee shop on the Missouri Baptist University campus, where he works as manager of the popular student gathering spot.  

Are We Passionate or Passive About the Winter Olympics?

What’s happening this week? Think hard. No, not a secret memo being released by the White House. No, not the Super Bowl. The XXIII Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang County, South Korea, begin Thursday, Feb. 8, with Opening Ceremonies scheduled for Friday. But how many of us will actually be tuning in? Do the Winter Olympics hold the same appeal for millennials and post-millennials as they did for prior generations? Communications students set out across MBU’s campus this week asking various relevant questions related to the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

Composite by C. Allin Means — Copyright-free graphic and photo provided by Google Images

How Well are We “Putting on the New” for 2016?

Now that we are two months into the new year, how many New Year’s resolutions are you maintaining? Perhaps you’ve slipped, or maybe you are diligently staying focused on achieving those goals for 2016. Ephesians 4:22-24 reminds us to “put off” our old selves, which belongs to our former manner of life, and to be “renewed in the spirit” of our minds, to put on the “new self” created after the likeness of God in “true righteousness and holiness.” Our blog topic today for MBU Timeline writers delves into this scripture and examines the question: What does this scripture mean to you and how can you apply this to any goals or resolutions you’ve established for this year?


Graphic by Matt Williams

If I Had a BILLION Dollars … I’d Be Rich

The largest Powerball jackpot in history climbed to $1.6 billion — that’s BILLION — before three winning tickets produced the magic numbers recently, in California, Tennessee and Florida. Each winner will walk away with more than $330 million after taxes. In an instant lives are changed, bank accounts will soar, wildest dreams will be realized and, undoubtedly, problems will arise. One couple sharing a winning ticket, from Tennessee, has come forward, but the other two winners remain in hiding, no doubt getting their financial affairs in order before claiming more money than they could ever imagine. So we’ve asked MBU Timeline writers to blog about what they would do with that kind of money, this unimaginable wealth that has us all pondering, wishing … perhaps hoping. And we have also sent reporters out across campus to ask faculty, staff and students the same question: What would you do with all that money?


Photo by Rebekah Rutledge


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