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An Anniversary Gift That Keeps On Giving

When one hears talk of Brandon Lake, most will recognize the name. He is known for his powerful songs, as well as collaborating with other popular groups. However, not many people give him credit for his deviation from his typical genre during his 10th wedding anniversary in 2021, which ended up being a truly touching gift, not just to his wife, but to listeners everywhere.

The son of the pastor of a church plant, world renown Christian artist Brandon Lake is also the college worship pastor at Seacoast Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He will is touring for his “Miracle Nights Tour” through this month. Photo courtesy of the Jeff Roberts Agency

How Christians Should Handle Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month is upon us. However, it has long been a taboo within the church. Many evangelists believe that the driving force of mental illness is one’s own sin or lack of faith, and they just need to pray more. This can be shown by analogy in John 9 when even the disciples believe the blind man’s troubles are his or his parents’ fault. As any psychologist will tell you, mental health is much more complex than that. The real treatment for mental illness is one’s faith, professional help, and fellowship.

Depression is overwhelming and has often been described as feeling like one is drowning. These extreme feelings are heightened when people don’t get the help they need from loved ones and professionals. Photo courtesy of Stormseeker

Appreciating the Advantages of the News

Physical newspapers are dying out and “cell phone journalism” is becoming more popular. However, true journalism is still as important as ever. Nowadays, people are truly blessed with a wealth of timely factual information, yet not everyone appreciates it for what it is.

Allie Pruett, a journalism major, reads a traditional printed newspaper. In the last two years, since the pandemic, physical circulation of papers has fallen to a third of its pre-pandemic circulation with some organizations losing as much as 26%, according to the Press Gazette. Meanwhile, news websites, such as The New York Times’ site, have increased up to 55% with 458.7 million in July of 2022. Photo by Morgan Kromer

MBU Softball Team Includes Sun, Fun and Games

The Missouri Baptist University softball team traveled to Florida over Spring Break this year, after their annual trip was canceled last year due to COVID. They were excited about returning to the sun of the South and the trip prepared them for conference play as they currently head into the AMC tournament.

The MBU softball team lines up for the playing of the National Anthem during a game against Blue Mountain College. The team heads into the AMC tournament this week in Columbia, Missouri.       Photo by Joely Morris

MBU Theatre Presents “Junie B. Jones, the Musical”

The Missouri Baptist University Theatre Department is performing their next musical about schoolchildren with schoolchildren in mind by partnering with local Confluence Academy and their three campuses, and hosting a book fair this week in the Art Gallery at MBU.

Sabrina Furman (center) stars as the title character in Missouri Baptist University’s performance of “Junie B. Jones, the Musical,” which runs this Thursday through Sunday in the Pillsbury Chapel.     Photos by Madison Coumerilh


About MBU Timeline


Here are some interesting facts about MBU Timeline, the student newsmagazine of Missouri Baptist University, in St. Louis:
*Our mission statement is: MBU Timeline is the student news network of Missouri Baptist University, a private Christian university that embraces the essential core value of “social change through service and leadership.”
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