There must be some type of getaway in a college student’s life, and everyone needs a time to get away from continual work.


When everything is starting to pile up, and you find yourself with a little time to sit back and take some time off, what is a guy in Spartan Row Apartments going to do?

1) Easy answer. Let’s put the laptop aside, close the textbook, forget about everything for a brief 25 minutes and play one game of “FIFA.”

No matter if it’s “FIFA 06,” “FIFA 14,” “FIFA 15” or “FIFA World Cup,” it is all the same.

I have seen 20 people in my apartment going nuts simply over a goal in a two vs. two soccer match.

It is a stress reliever, and one of the best competitions one could ever ask for while using a joystick.

If you are an Xbox or PlayStation lover, I am sure you have already enjoyed the pleasures of the game, as it seems like everyone plays this game.

In May 2013, Electronic Arts mentioned in their financial report that “FIFA 13” was sold to over 14.5 million people.

“Since 1993 when FIFA was first released under the name ‘FIFA International Soccer’, EA Sports has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. There are 11.6 million FIFA 15 copies expected to be sold by March 2015 and the number rises to 12.1 million copies for the 2016 edition,” according to an article by

It is a worldwide game, just as soccer is played around the world, and will be a game that is played in my room for years to come.

2) When the sun is shining, grab a roommate and pick up a glove and ball and head out to the hill in front of Spartan Village pods.

Enjoy the hill why it is still there, because before long I am sure there will be some sort of on-campus housing blocking the opportunity to throw.

3) Go watch an MBU athletics game. MBU crowds are growing each and every semester it seems.

Since I have been here, the volleyball crowds have grown from about 100 people to now over 500 people at each home game.

Football is rising, and the energy is constantly growing in all sports.

Join in on the excitement and do not miss out on the MBU firsts that are happening this year in athletics.

4) Join an intramural squad and on Wednesday night you will have the chance to be a champion and shining star with your buddies.

You and your friends can take a few individuals and make a team that makes memories that will last a lifetime.

Who does not like winning? It drives the sporting world. Take part in these games and you will not regret it.

These are four things that I do and take part in on-campus, and they’re solid getaways from stress and from all of the school work.

By Ryan Rerich

Ryan Rerich, Editor of MBU Timeline, is a senior pursuing a double degree in journalism and communication studies with minors in sport management and public relations. Rerich, from Weimar, Texas, is a member of the golf team and was on the national qualifying team in 2013. Rerich engages himself in the photography aspect of sports, as well as writing and editing stories for the student website in a multitude of topics. In the past, Rerich was an intern at the Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis, as well as an intern at the Schulenburg Sticker, a weekly newspaper in South Central Texas. He is currently working in the MBU Writing Lab tutoring students during the school year. When he is not involved in those various activities, he can be found playing intramurals on Wednesdays or possibly playing catch outside of the apartments.