With summer just beginning to hit its stride, there are plenty of things to do in the St. Louis area that will not break your bank account.


With summer upon us, romance in the air and a broken wallet, you might need some ideas for cheap dates and outings with friends.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite date is laid back and fun, all while spending as little money as possible.

While going out all the time can get pricey, it is possible to have a good time during the summer even on a budget.

Here are a three simple ideas to spark up your summer without breaking the bank.

1.     Pack a picnic:

That’s right. Old school is in, so why not take advantage of it?

St. Louis is full of parks and outdoorsy places to explore.

Instead of eating out, pack a picnic lunch. This can be fun whether you are planning a girl’s day, or a flirty date.

If you want to make your lunch special, pick up some bottled Fitz’s Craft Soda from the Delmar Loop to add to your basket of goodies.

2.     Go to a festival:

St. Louis has tons of festivals that continue throughout the whole summer.

There are festivals for people of all interests.

St. Louis offers anything from homemade robot championships to storytelling festivals and enough food festivals to feed any appetite.

For a list of all St. Louis festival dates and locations, visit explorestlouis.com.

3.     Head to Crystal City Underground:

If you have any interest in disc golf, I would suggest checking out Crystal City Underground.

CCU Is located in Crystal City, Mo., and was originally a former sand mine.

The underground fortress is 6 million square feet of enclosed underground climate-controlled space with 30- to 40-foot ceilings.

CCU offers a disc golf course different from any other, and is a bucket list-worthy experience for the affordable price of only $5 per person.

By Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris is photo editor and journalist for MBU Timeline. Harris is majoring in Communications with minors in Broadcast Media and Public Relations. Born and raised in Orange County, Virginia, Harris moved to St. Louis in the fall of 2013 to attend MBU. Harris enjoys spending her free time reading, doing yoga or anything outdoors.